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  1. Wonderful and very sexy.
  2. French evening

    Love to see a lady in French lingerie, especially French Knickers.
  3. V.S.C...

    Lovely photo Shirley.
  4. They look fantastic Mrs T.
  5. Sighting north wales

    I have had a few sighting slike that before now, when I have been in a few pubs in and around Rhyl.
  6. Poppy garter?

    That was a lovely thought and gesture by your wife.
  7. 4 topped oak pub

    Beautiful nylon clad legs.
  8. Vintage fashion fair

    Lovely description of your sightings.
  9. As we go into tomorrow, I think we should think about those that gave their lives in wars to give us the ability to enjoy forums such as this one. 


    We should not only remember the men that gave their lives, but also the women that gave their lives as well.  Especially those that worked as spies and got intelligence back to the forces here in the UK as to what was happening with the enemy forces in Europe during WW2 or flew the planes from the production line facilities to the squadrons that required those planes.      

  10. A meeting for all you gentlemen !

    Lovely photos Shun, thank you for sharing. Katiesheer looks beautiful as always.
  11. Not So Cold Outside

    Very sexy and lovely. Thank you for sharing.
  12. BBC Presenters

    I know Debbie McGee well and she did a few sets of photos where stockings where shown. Yes, model release forms where signed for all sets done. However, the issue of model release forms having been signed is down to the thread creator and photographer that took the photos, to be allowed to do with the photos as they see fit. I am not sure why anyone else would be interested in that, other than be frightened of being sued for using the photos brought. The purchase of the photos is for private use only and not for public use. The only person that can use the photos publicly, is the person that has the signed model release forms.
  13. hi new here

    Welcome to SHQ.