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  1. It depends on the mindset of the youngster as to how they dress. I have seen when going to 1940s and other events, many young ladies dressed very bit as smart as the more mature ladies at the event. There is many mature ladies, who have sloppy dressing and who do nopt seem to care how they dress. I will also add, that there is many men as well that are sloppy dressed. I know on many occassions, I have been sloppy dressed myself. But on other occasions, have been more smartly dressed than many men at the event I have been attending.
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    One comment I am going to add to this thread, is that people within these forums should not only be real to the other forum members, but be real to themselves. I am not going to mention names, but there is many that are not real to themselves within this forum and believe because they have posted a large number of posts that David would not delete their account. Any account can be deleted at any point in time, whether you have posted just 2 posts to 1000's of posts. Those same people are sometimes abusive or impolite to others and think that they can get away with it. Think again!
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