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  1. Stratford sighting Thursday 21st Feb

    Wonderful sighting.
  2. Delete Profile

    No just doing what I am told and also blocking a 'Pointless' poster.
  3. Leading or following?

    Mrs ST is certainly leading, while the rest of us follow!
  4. Shopping in nylons

    Wonderful idea for a topic.
  5. Delete Profile

    I have not seen the same issues within
  6. Respectful gentleman

    Sorry to hear about your loss Neville.
  7. Fun in windsor

    Lovely PIC Rich&Jules.
  8. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Yes, but because the UK is leaving the EU (i.e. Brexit), then the deals with the EU are null and void. Now, if the UK can re - negotiate the deal with Japan then we may find both Nissan and Honda remaining in the UK. However, I don't see anyone from the UK government attempting to make that deal with Japan. This issue in time wille also effect the two Toyota factories in the UK.
  9. Long Shot Request to Find A Photo

    I wonder if that was Mrs QSL?
  10. Sunday morning in the park.

    Very lovely and daring Elizabeth.