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    All hosiery, stockings, or tights, lingerie and foundation wear...I wish. Happy to pc.
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    M&S, Pretty Polly, anything really.

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  1. Lovely selection, panties look devine and sexy, stockings nice and taut.
  2. What a super day and a great confidence booster too, thanks for sharing and sharing your photo story too. Gorgeous!
  3. This is something I’ve not tried in a while...mmmm time to try again.
  4. Mid 60’s heterosexual but wonder if bi curious. Been a wearer of firstly nylons in the early 1960’s through to tights when the mini skirts made them popular in the mid 1960’s. Married and too loyal to stray. Retired with little “me time” to myself. Wife now tolerates me wearing tights and panties and hopefully going to progress to more satin wear.
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