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  1. Very sexxy lady ur are Ms Dee..plzz more..🤗
  2. Hope u rubbed them for the good lady🤗very sexy post btw..ty for sharing 😀
  3. 🤤Ms Dee😍yep wowwowwow..very sexy pose in ur very sexy car.🤗looking fab ..wud luv to see more of ur posts 😀
  4. More Layers

    Wowwowwow yes more layering please Mrs Mature Nylon..gosh with ur am sure very large HOSIERY collection ..yes with ur imagination wot u cud do with those simple pieces of sheer joy.stunning beautiful sexy lady u truly are..ty as always ..x yes always a thought for the minority 😘
  5. More Pantyhose

    So very true Mrs Mature Nylon 😀😀😀😀beautifully posted as always..yes u look amazing in ur amazing pantyhose 😍
  6. Mrs flirtatiouswife gosh those incredible legs of urs with ur perfectly seamed pantyhose yes very eye catching not much work wud be done tho.hotxwow as always Mrs flirtatiouswife 😍
  7. Pantyhose posing

    Ty Mrs Mature Nylon for ur appreciating support for the minority.🤗fabulously posted as always..btw u do look stunning in which ever hose wear u decide upon😍
  8. Off to Bed

    Yes of course they wud..but absolutely no complaints.😀simply stunning as always Mrs Mature nylon such a wondrous site u truly are..beautifully posted as always appreciated..tho the small minority who lost in defeat in ur kind poll..maybe a little token of kindness to thank all of us who participated in ur poll🤗
  9. Feeling blue

    Wow.stunning 😍love those stockings always nice to see different colours than the norm.beautiful blue..yes x wrinkles so sexy..gorgeous post ty for sharing 🤗
  10. Gosh now that was worth the wait😍 ...welcome back Mrs flirtatiouswife.hotxwow so sexy yes defo for sure a big hit..fabulous seamed pantyhose x those heels😲.wot a sexy lady u simply are🤗yip stunning post ty for sharing..wowwowwow 💛
  11. Posing in Layers

    Seriously ur posts get better x better ..gosh thats so so hot 😀yes am sure theres lots more layering to come..hopefully .wowwowwow yes please very beautiful sexy lady 🤗
  12. Hi Alison..gosh thank you🤗

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    2. Shgjx


      Awk why is my chat bubble not appearing Alison  🤗

    3. Alison66


      Mines is off too, but happy to reply to messages

    4. Shgjx


      Cud  u email me Alison 😀???

  13. Holiday Pantyhose

    Gosh maybe another layer of ur continue ur layering themes😀gosh im sure u have such incredible sexy patterned pantyhose also..just a thought Mrs Mature Nylons..ty as always look forward to ur beautiful posts shgjx 😀
  14. Holiday Pantyhose

    Yes totally agree..yes the lady (mrs mature nylons ) is simply gorgeous x stunning posing in her fabulous pantyhose 🤗