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  1. The plumber must of got an instant bulge that could cause a leak .
  2. Caught

    I did also think on similar lines ,bit of drama ect ,motives ect , some women prefer nasty bad boys that like to harm other men and they may think crossdressing is only for women , hope she can accept a man who is not run of the mill.
  3. Every person knows some crossdressers ,many women wear trousers and male crossdressers do not broadcast that they are ,but we all know men that wear bras and knickers under their male clothes but again they don`t tell everyone , these days people may think they are a danger to kids or animals.
  4. Caught

    Do you really think that ALL men are bald ,flat chested and have beard ? JEEEZ get out more .
  5. Caught

    Do men really shave their heads ,stick on false beards ,tape their breasts flat and wear Y fronts , OK I don`t understand men feeling female for a few hours and then male again , but when I get abuse for wearing a skirt and having bra straps showing from women in trousers ,its good to remind them that they are crossdressers also and like them I don`t want to change sex ,but want freedom in what I wear like women have , women in trousers are crossdressers ,no need to accuse them ,its a fact ,when a woman admits to wearing her mans undies , people don`t care , but shave heads ,why on earth would anyone do that ?