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  1. The main tights firm used Paul O`grady for their pics of the legs in the packets of womens tights ! I can`t stand the leftie and he promised to emigrate if theTories won the election , so Just go Paul , but all underwear tights ect is unisex as far as I am concerned .
  2. Men Wearing Bras.

    On my last fitting the nice lady told me that I have one breast larger than the other and ``its common in Women also `` well yes I said since we all have breasts that can produce milk only the size differs ,so us chaps can have the same issues ,found that I now have a `B` cup after years of between A and B .
  3. Where are you on the scale?

    Most crossdressers are female ,and they often openly wear trousers in public ! yet If I wear a skirt some women in trousers will often make a comment , strange .
  4. Where are you on the scale?

    My wife calls me a crossdresser , as I can get quite angry when I cannot find my socks .