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  1. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Cameron said we would have WORLD war three if we voted to leave ,Osborne said we would have an Instant collapse of the economy with mass unemployment in weeks from voting to leave , well no world war and an all time record number in work , EU are masters not partners and want to childishly punish us because they fear the whole EU will collapse and with it their pointless luxury lifestyle at the expense of the poorer member states , being in the then `Common Market ` did not stop leftie Labour strikes and the UK being branded the `sick man of Europe` and causing the Tories to as usual take stern steps to save the UK from going down the pan as they have done all my life after Labour so called running the country and running out of other peoples mony ,Just as last time they left office with a note saying ``sorry all the mony gone`` .