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  1. Kitchen Nylons

    Oh to be a plumber fixing that sink 🤗 Gareth x
  2. More pvc as requested

    It's a stocking site, but it's not restricted to to ladies you consider elegant... and heaven knows what's wrong with a bit of PVC. People have different tastes and, while keeping within house rules is important, if it's not to your taste just stick with those threads that are... I also find your use of the word SMUT hilarious, reminds me of some stiff, sexually repressed character from a Carry On movie.... Luckily I love both elegant and smutty ladies 🤣🤣 Gareth x
  3. 3 Layers

    Stunning Lynn, just love it when you layer up, looking forward to seeing more. Gareth x
  4. OBG anyone?

    Love an open bottom girdle and wow you look absolutely stunning. Gareth x
  5. More pvc as requested

    Far from disgusting Alison, you're damn sexy in my book! Gareth x
  6. Stockings Shoot

    Such a very sexy shot Lynn, would have love to have captured it from a couple of different angles 😘 Gareth x
  7. Private photoshoots

    Is that a camera in my pocket or am I just pleased to see you! 😍 Gareth x
  8. More Pantyhose

    Thanks for such a lovely shot of your nylon clad bottom... pantyhose heaven Lynn, you look stunning. Gareth x
  9. Lady Seaton Lunch 13.8.18

    Stunning, thanks for sharing. Gareth
  10. Pantyhose posing

    Stunning as ever Lynn, would still love to see that nylon clad bottom thrust invitingly in the air.... camera at the ready! Gareth x