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  1. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    There is a certain amount of doubt on that issue.
  2. False Nails

    That is entirely up to you and your wife. Why ask me?
  3. Jerusalem

    There have been a lot of rumours about Luckyme all from Weenies.
  4. Jerusalem

    I don't think I'd go as far as that, Trinity, and I know very little about SA but I have observed both it and East Africa through nontourist eyes. Try it sometime.
  5. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    But not with Kevin Spacey.
  6. on the balcony

    The poster was just expressing an opinion which you do quite regularly.
  7. New...nervous!!!

    Absolutely splendid, but watch out for the police.
  8. HAS (Heels and Seams) Society

    No doubt about that Trin.
  9. False Nails

    Try a razor.
  10. Anyone notice that Helga's swastica decorations on her basque are the wrong way round?
  11. Mugabe

    I've never denied it. My mind was made up years ago, probably before you'd even heard of apartheid. BTW. Love the avatar.
  12. Jerusalem

    And well might you look shocked, Trinity. Has that Rowlf fellow grabbed your pussy or are you just pleased to see him?
  13. Looking for Santa

    There is no wonder the gentleman has an ear to ear smile on his face. A tremendous photo but watch out for that Rudolph and his red nose.
  14. Absolutely fantastic - but it wasn't today or even the last few days, was it?