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  1. Maybe this time I can quit

    I purged almost as soon as I started going out dressed when the real world I encountered didn't match up to the fantasies I'd nurtured through my teenage years. That was an immature mistake but at least I hadn't had time to build up a huge collection. Of course the desire came back and I then embraced it. But unfortunately I lost my wardrobe in two "involuntary purges" when other people dumped my stuff. I'm really sorry about that as there were some lovely items among it which I can never replace. I have gone not months, but years without dressing due to lack of opportunity. The desire never left me although it was much reduced at times. I'd advise finding a safe place to store your stuff (hopefully safer than where I stored mine). Even if you don't go near it for ages I am convinced there will come a time when you're glad it's there.
  2. Satin gloves?

    I use hosiery gloves to gather up my stockings and roll them up my legs. I needed to something to stop my nylons getting snagged by rough skin around my nails. I take them off to fasten my suspenders. They're not satin though. Dayna's gloves do look great but with gloves on I can't enjoy discreetlt feeling my nylons now and again as I like to do with my bare hands. Years ago there was a TV (English I think, but living in Montreal) who featured regularly in World of Transvestism. She was also into gloves. So much so that she had suspenders attached to her bra strap, hanging down her arms and clipped to her gloves. I thought that was a neat idea.
  3. Helsinki

    That entire post is aimed at Trinity. I will edit it to try and make that clearer and apologise for any misunderstanding. I'm happy to go record to say I've seen no evidence whatsoever of you trying to justify torture and I never meant to accuse you of doing so.
  4. Helsinki

    and: This is whataboutery, plain and simple. I know all about that having grown up in Northern Ireland. I had to constantly listen to murdering bastards and their propagandists attempting to justify their heinous crimes on the basis of "themums" were doing it too. Well, it was never a justification in Northern Ireland, nor was it in Cuba. By indulging in it you are simple admitting that you are wrong. You have no tenable arguments to support your position and so are reduced to trying to deflect attention elsewhere.
  5. Helsinki

    If your country really is populated by such a bunch of boorish thugs, that could explain why your tourism industry isn't doing as well as it might.
  6. Helsinki

    This is a deliberate misrepresentation of what I said. I said nothing about Castro's rise to power. I complained about human rights violations he carried out once he was absolute ruler of the island. Oh no it most certainly does not! There is no context on this earth that justifies puncturing peoples genitals as was done to Huber Matos during his 20 years imprisonment for daring to question Castro's alliance with the Soviet Union. Matos had (democratically) opposed Batista and originally supported the revolution. His mistake was to believe that anything remotely resembling democratic freedom would be permitted after Castro was in power. The poet Armando Valladares - another supporter of the revolution - spent 22 years in jail, most of it in solitary confinement in cells too small to lie down in. His crime? Refusing to put an "I'm with Fidel" sign on his desk. During his imprisonment he was forced to eat other prisoners' excrement. What context justifies that, pray tell me? And surely someone as "right on" as yourself can't be happy with homosexuality being criminalised and punished with hard labour in the cane fields? Still the tourists were happy buying luxuries with their crisp banknotes featuring pictures of Che Guevara. That matters to you apparently. Never mind that the natives actually had a separate, more grubby currency to buy necessities if they could find them. On 7/17/2018 at 8:33 PM, Rowlf said: Castro and Cuba's lifestyle. You know. Everyone the same. Dirt poor and hungry. Rowlf was wrong, you'll be happy to hear me say. As George Orwell pointed out in his brilliant satire Animal Farm, in so-called egalitarian societies some animals tend to be more equal than others. According to his former bodyguard Castro lived in considerable luxury on his private island, Cayo Piedra, where he liked to cruise on his large yacht. Even your much vaunted Cuban health service wasn't good enough for him as the elite had their own private clinics. It is for Rowlf to confirm or deny Alteredbhoy's assertion. But, for the sake of argument, let's assume that Alteredbhoy is right about Rowlf. As Castro's unashamed apologist on this thread you, Trinity, have a hell of a lot more to apologise for than he has.
  7. Helsinki

    Since you're on another planet most of the time that would be appropriate. I didn't consider it relevant to Castro's crimes against humanity. Two wrongs don't make a right you know. Yeah well, I need neither your permission nor invitation to say what I want.
  8. Helsinki

    Well, I must say it does look very beautiful, but you have to balance that against some of the people you risk running into if you go there.
  9. Helsinki

    No, we were arguing about Castro's dictatorship. As repugnant as I consider that to be, there is no way he could be held responsible for the actions of the USA, even if they were/are committed on Cuban soil. He is right in what he said about responsibility. Harry S. Truman had a sign on his Oval Office desk saying "The Buck Stops Here". Whether Trump lives up to that is another matter. I must say I have my doubts given the number of people in Washington who have fallen on their swords (or been pushed onto them) since he took office. Since you ask, yes, Camp Gitmo is an appalling breach of human rights and makes a mockery of any claims to be fighting for freedom and justice. But are you telling me it's still there? I mean Barack Obama pledged to close it before he was elected and he was in power for eight years. Surely the saintly Mr. Obama - a Nobel laureate no less - didn't go back on his word?
  10. Helsinki

    Okay, I concede there might be all kinds of parallel universes where things happen differently to the one we inhabit. (I hope there's one where Pink Floyd didn't break up after recording The Wall.) But in this one - which some of us refer to as the real world - Castro was a torturer. Tell me, in your alternative universe where Cuba is a fluffy paradise of freedom and justice, are there a lot of tourists?
  11. Helsinki

    No, I simply deny using the same label for everyone I disagree with - I could think of several for you for a start. I even gave an example which you chose to ignore. My dictionaries cannot agree on the proper meaning of "ilk". One defines the phrase "of that ilk" as meaning "of that place". Another as "of that name". We are referring to the heads of Scottish clans here, you understand and I don't think you fall into that category. So that needn't concern you. Fortunately all my dictionaries agree on the colloquial meaning, which is how I was using it. They define it as a family, class or set. My Oxford English dictionary cautions against using it in this way as it is usually viewed as derogatory. But since I was referring to you, that's all right then.
  12. Helsinki

    All well and good, but I think you will find the most rudimentary study of geography will reveal to you that there are many nations in the world that manage to confer those benefits on their citizens without the threat of imprisonment without trial and torture.
  13. Helsinki

    I did read what you said and even quoted it. The mistake I made was in assigning an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit of reason to you. I should have known better. So now I've quoted you in full above and I'll try and explain once more where I take issue with you. I'll type slowly so it will be easier for you to understand. If you are arguing that life in Cuba would have been better without US sanctions, I can follow your logic there. What I can't follow is how US sanctions justify torturing the native population. You see, I think puncturing people's genitals is bad, therefore the people who do it are bad. You seem to be arguing that Castro was forced to commit such atrocities by the wicked USA. Now while there is much to criticise the US for right across Latin America, these crimes were perpetrated in just about the only country in the region where they didn't have any influence at the time, i.e. Castro's Cuba. That makes Castro responsible for them in my book, and thus a bad person. Also I struggle to see what tourism has to do with anything. Which is why I brought up Franco's Spain. If tourism vindicates Castro, it must ipso facto vindicate Franco (a point you didn't answer). Tourists also flock to the Great Wall of China. Does that make Xi Jinping a good dictator? And is that the explanation for all the people fleeing Cuba in rafts and other unseaworthy vessels at great risk to their lives? Are they tourists returning home, hoping to dodge the queues at the airport?
  14. What Are You Reading?

    Usually have more than one book on the go at any one time. Currently The Name of the Rose by Umberto Echo and 12 Rules For Life - An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson.
  15. Helsinki

    What you accused me of was attaching the same label to everyone I disagree with, which I don't accept. To back that up I gave a clear example. But sure, ignore that and quote me out of context. It's what you do. Then you have the nerve to label other people slippery.