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  1. I like to do this but would never want anybody to know. Except for a lovely lady friend I had years ago who worked in the shop where I bought most of my shoes. She would let me try them on in the storeroom. So I was usually wearing nylons and suspender belt when I shopped there. Years ago I used to get a kick out of seeing all the women passers-by in jeans or plain tights and think to myself "I'm wearing much sexier hosiery than you". Sadly these days, that almost goes without saying. When I get back home and change my male attire for something more suitable for Ursula I'm also interested in the contrast between lowering trousers to reveal stocking tops and suspenders and raising skirts to do the same.
  2. I certainly do! Nice pic, by the way
  3. Dayna is right to point out that if this discussion heads off into the minutiae of identity politics, free speech, safe spaces and the like it might be better carried on Off Topic. However I think it is very relevant here and am grateful to Marcia and Gillian for their posts. Looking at it solely from a personal point of view, if I had been discovered wearing my aunts' lingerie and stockings during childhood and adolescence and then pushed into hormone therapy, my life would have been ruined. And I can see how that would have seemed like a logical course of action. So I think Marcia is absolutely right and the brakes need to be applied here.
  4. Welcome to the UK Mia! You certainly seem to be enjoying yourself so far! Hope you continue to do for the rest of your time. And thanks for giving us something to enjoy with these great pics! xx