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    Crossdressing, lingerie, stockings and suspenders(duh!). Female clothes and shoes. Also reading, films and television. Love sci fi, I'm a geekette and proud of it! Horror, as long as it's quality. Stephen King is a god! Like chatting to you lovely gurls and real girls. As Lt Columbo used to say, just one more thing, I don't do photos or webcam/Skype etc as I have low self esteem and self confidence, so please don't ask thank you.Peace, out xx
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    Charnos 24/7 also lace tops and high sheen stockings.

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  1. Saucemonster! Lol xxx
  2. Whoo mama! Hot hot hot! Xx
  3. Gawjus! XX
  4. Oh yeah! Definitely a "ner ner ner ner ner!" Feeling! Sadly, we probably ARE all wearing nicer undies than most of the laydees.. With reference to trousers down or skirt up, both appeal, but I prefer skirt up, my ownself! Lol xx
  5. In my case it was very much "hello to Miss Sweary"! Lol xx so annoying!
  6. Same here! Some years ago bought a pair of ffns. First time on, snagged them on a rough bit of toenail! Grrrrrrrr! Ex Sailor so language was a bit fruity! Xx
  7. Fantastic Mia! Absolutely breathtaking xx
  8. Oh, my! XXXXX
  9. Lovely to see you back Amanda! Looking fabulous! XX