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    Crossdressing, lingerie, stockings and suspenders(duh!). Female clothes and shoes. Also reading, films and television. Love sci fi, I'm a geekette and proud of it! I Like chatting to you lovely gurls and real girls. Gents, I prefer pc with my gurls or real girls, thanks but I'll happily chat away in the Main Room! As Lt Columbo used to say, just one more thing, I don't do photos or webcam/Skype etc, so please don't ask, thank you. I also reserve the right to not respond to unsolicited pcs. Finally, thank you to the wonderful gurls and girls who have been so kind and welcoming! Peace, out xx
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    Elegante, Charnos24/7. Stockings with suspenders only. Nothing against tights, I just never got on with them..

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