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    Cross Dressing in my finest lingerie, stockings and heels. Mia is my feminine name
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  1. Generally 4” or higher without platform. Can walk in them without problem but can always have more practice
  2. Sorry to hear your skirt has gone missing, but it is probably a good thing, as it was hiding those beautiful legs of yours.
  3. Beautiful, simple yet elegant
  4. Lovely legs and a wonderful wide lace band to keep those stockings in place. Perhaps you need to go away more often, so your wife keeps sending you photos like this.
  5. I prefer the black, although the cream do look awesome
  6. I’d give her the job. If she hadn’t worn seams for the first round, I’d call her back for a second interview.
  7. Success in every picture
  8. Love all colours, although prefer nude as they go with any outfit. Unfortunately do not have a range of outfits to suit different coloured stockings
  9. Today is one of those days, when I have the opportunity to work from home and when I can, out come the stockings and heels. Depending on what is happening (receiving postal deliveries, video calls) I may get dressed up completely. Anyway, here are a couple of quick shots - more later Wearing Nylonica sheer, Castaro