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  1. France

    What's a "genuine TG" ? Why do they have a "new gender"? Are there no "genuine TG's" that are activists? Why would attention being drawn to the human rights of "genuine TG's" make life difficult for "genuine TG's" ? Are you certain that "genuine TG's" have no desire to police Jordan Peterson's speech?
  2. Universal mess up

    Oh dear. That old "choice" chestnut, which bases itself on the supposition that everybody starts off with the same level playing field and that all choices are somehow between a good or a bad outcome, and we have no pity for the fool that makes the wrong choice. Blott, this thinking is a load of bullsh&t. Anyway lets get back to the issue of drugs.. We've already discussed drug addiction which is perfectly legal - eg my mother's addiction to valium. Hell, you had a famous PM that was an alcoholic. Your argument has been that these drug addicts are fine. So, I'm of the understanding that you'd welcome Winston Churchill at the soup kitchen but heaven help poor Keith Richards (actually lets say Ronnie Woods these days). However this is moot, your original point regarded the spouse of a drug addict. Quite a different thing. Hence why I asked if the spouse (and kids) of a gambling businessman might be allowed to use a soup kitchen. Presumably the "poor choices" made by one individual should not be suffered by the family? Forget that drug addiction almost certainly has it's roots in factors that have nothing to do with choice. And forget that the repercussions of a drug addicts "choices" fall on everyone close to them. So I believe it's not a hard truth to say we are responsible for our actions. In many cases we are not, or at least in many cases our choices are basically shit or shitter. All of this being, again, moot because a food bank is run by charitable organizations who make their own rules as to who they will serve and cost the tax payer nothing. What I want to know is this... if I'm poor and say I had a bit of cash spare at the end of a week if I follow your thinking I ought to stockpile some food, like a squirrel rather than say save it for something decent or maybe spend it on something that makes my life a little less miserable?
  3. France

    I stand corrected. Tbh don't split hairs about the terms transvestites or transgendered. One is a subset of the other , and it seems to me that, ironically all transgendered, like it or not, were probably (well, almost certainly) engaging in cross dressing /transvestism at one time or another before they settled on being transgendered. Just an opinion though and I could be swayed to change it if a better argument came my way. And yes, I'm not surprised that people of the alt-right should be trans. I'm fairly confident a high proportion of the rest of the alt-righters engage in the services of a Madam and like to have their bottom spanked too. But I have no data to support this supposition.
  4. Universal mess up

    Oh dear. The reason I joined this thread was because you were of the opinion that the partner of a drug addict should not be using a food bank. Now you're mentioning poor life choices as if somehow everyone got the same start in life. You really do show a remarkable lack of understanding about what it's like to be poor, and a terrible lack of empathy.
  5. France

    Yes yes yes, and he only had a YouTube following of 37 at the time too. His message was never heard, Damn those transvestites. I don't need to look up SJW, as you gave us your definition. You'll recall it was liberal, illiberal, elite, non elite, universities, university admins, me, and a plethora of other conflifting things. I have no opinion on the question you ask.
  6. Universal mess up

    Dearest Blott, you've skated so much on this subject that your position is that now food should come before luxury purchases. I hope this also includes gambling on the stock market , or burning up the family jewels trying to rescue the drowning business? You might understand my confusion on this issue because you do say that gambler businessmen may use a food bank but not the wife of a drug addict and I'm still struggling with the logical inconsistency of this. Your original comment - the one that we joined on was in relation to the disgust you had that a drug addicts partner should use a food bank that was costing you nothing. Next time I am in Britain though could you introduce me to Torvill and Dean? I mean they must be your coaches, surely?
  7. France

    Ah, so I didn't deride you as you stated, at all. I'm fairly sure I stated at the time that Jordan Peterson has a YouTube audience of millions and is a best selling author, therefore being drowned out at some meeting somewhere hardly prevented his ability to have his message heard. In fact as he has stated these protests actually helped him reach a wider audience. I have never said he doesn't have a right to say what he wants. I simply say that free speech rights don't happen in a vacuum. Say what you want but be prepared for repercussions. As for Alt-right, look it up. One thing you will find is that Islamophobia is a word associated with it.
  8. Universal mess up

    Yes yes yes, we all get it Blott, your main point is that drug addicts are scum and by proxy so are their spawn and spouses and should get no assistance from the hard working taxpayers of Britain . We also understand that gamblers are somehow excused from this line of thinking. We also understand that food comes before everything except when it comes to being given away freely by a charitible organization that does not derive it's funding from taxpayers.
  9. France

    Funny that you should complain of being misrepresented when here you are misrepresenting what has been said. Firstly if you have been derided by me on this thread I'd like to see where it has been in relation to "caving in to violence". Secondly, while I can't speak for AB I believe the point was that you are a selective "defender of rights" - i.e. those that suit you and your alt.Right sympathies.
  10. France

    Yes, except that apparently protesting at someone who is using their right to speak freely is not part of the freedom of expression rights that Ursula wants.
  11. France

    You forgot to add SJW. Whatever that actually is.
  12. France

    Gosh, only 609, maybe with all those youtube links it feels like 3,000. Anyway, I'm polite and you keep asking me questions. Would you rather I ignored you?
  13. Universal mess up

    So you do advocate spending money on clothes, that's at odds with your previous comments. Furthermore if one has rent or a mortgage , rates, etc you advocate spending on food first. So presumably you want people out on the street, but fat. At least we have established you want the poor downtrodden to be in a loincloth. Apparently the children of drug addicts need to sweep chimneys or something if they want anything other than baked beans. How Dickens-ish of you. Right in time for Christmas too.
  14. France

    You really show a poor understanding of how memory works Ursula. As to the why do I respond to your inane rubbish question... if you look at how many posts you make you'll see I have responded to maybe 1% of them. Hardly representative of someone who has a lot of interest in what you have to say.
  15. France

    I think you're flattering yourself if you think I have any interest in what you say let alone remember it. Your posts on this forum consistently defend nothing other than a strange interest in YouTube and Jordan Peterson. I don't label everyone I oppose as alt. Right. Rowlf regularly gets labelled as stoopid, soooo. You really should stop telling lies. However, in your case seeing as the shoe fits so well. ...