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  1. Who needs a mobile phone wben everything you need is at the watercooler?
  2. Think of mobile phones... No standardised plugs there.... Its a thing.
  3. He needs to get in line behind Rowlf and Blott I'm afraid.
  4. I would feel a little on guard if a random male approached me tbh.
  5. Yeah. I have definitely been asked about the heels.
  6. I don't live in UK, so no. But when I get there Dayna and Rikki are def taking me out.
  7. No, i dont go out too much alone tbh, tbats probably more it.
  8. Why would you treat a trans person any different from any other person? I have found people are sometimes discreetly interested, but wont encroach and sometimes women are surprisingly forward (eg complimentary) and strike up conversation (usually about my outfit) I have yet to experience anything shitty, but i guess I will eventually. I never get either situation in male mode, lol.
  9. I know what you mean. NZ have never resorted to playing non New Zealanders in their national teams.. for example we'd never stoop to stealing our Pacific Island neighbors, eg Tongans . No way.
  10. As it transpires... An umpiring "mistake" cost us the win. England should have been awarded 5 runs for the deflection not 6. So, i expect given the sporting and gracious nature of the Poms that they will, in due course, send the trophy to NZ, where it belongs.
  11. Oh dear. Of course. The internet is a Socialist misinformation appartus. The best place for reliable information is the watercooler.
  12. You dont have to be a heart surgeon to talk about Teslas, watercoolers or spa pools Blott.
  13. Thank you Dita, it suits you. Make me a cup of tea would you doll. Isnt it good manners to address someone in the manner that they present themselves to you?
  14. I have absolutely none. Does one need to be expert at installing utilities to comment about batteries, Teslas and watercoolers?
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