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  1. Weighing in on a subject

    Well if you need a specific example go back to about July 2017 . There is a thread I started about South Africa, because I had just visited there at about that time. A fellow who we all know as Boatman ... but was under one of his 600 aliases at the time... made several racist remarks about the black people he encountered during his time in Kenya and South Africa. However, lets not limit ourselves to specifics, as we all know Muslims come from African countries as well as Arabic ones, so your typically casual anti Muslim rhetoric that some folks like to spew around here is by default racist as well.I assume you'd prefer to deny that there is racism on this part of the forum... is that your position? And of course I forgot to mention Mexicans.
  2. Weighing in on a subject

    Thank goodness. So, now that you have conceded that your YouTube fascination is nonsensical can we put to rest any and all of your points that reference Youtube as the garbage that they are and move on to better things? This thread was about Airlines and Obesity. You seem to, once again, have turned it into an exercise all about Ursula.
  3. Weighing in on a subject

    Thank goodness, now we are getting some clarity on your previous babble. You're talking about the Love Aotearoa, Hate Racism rally which drew the massive crowd of 1,000 in a city of 2 million people. An aggrieved mosque leader said , regrettably, that he felt the Mossad was behind the funding of the ChCh shooter. That comment was roundly condemned, quickly , by almost every other leader here in NZ, including several other prominent Muslim leaders. And we all moved on. It was basically a non story over here. To suggest the comment was even remotely representative of how New Zealanders, and Muslims in New Zealand feel right now is absolutely nonsensical. But don't let that stop you thinking that You Tube is representative of reality. We had this discussion once before about the hand grenades of Malmo. You need to get outside more. And as for thinking I am the only intelligent person here... where ever did I make that claim? AB and Helen strike me as highly intelligent people. Alas we seem to be a small few in a room that has 2 idiots who regularly like to make a lot of noise here.
  4. Weighing in on a subject

    Well I have a PhD and have no idea what she is on about, so i'm at a loss as to how intelligent your idea of halfway is. Bill Clintons IQ might just make it over the line?
  5. Weighing in on a subject

    Well, i live in New Zealand and as a result have followed this more closely than most here, i would assume, and I have no idea what you are on about when you blame Jews and the Mossad for Chch, but then again i dont spend all day on youtube conspiracies. But anyway, apparently it was all a joke. You need better material, instead of being Seinfeld you're coming across as Costanza.
  6. Weighing in on a subject

    Quite right. You're a great example of why this is a bullshit thread. Also not all folk who are categorized as obese are unhealthy, although many here seem to think it automatically must be the case.
  7. Weighing in on a subject

    100kg? Ursula thinks you are bloated and presumably should pay more for your seat. If what you say is correct you do realise your bmi is around 30, making you "obese" by today's medical standard.
  8. Weighing in on a subject

    Demands evidence of racism. Makes racist joke about Jews. You honestly couldn't make this shit up. It's hard to believe there is someone stoopider than Rowlf. But there is.
  9. Weighing in on a subject

    Golly, shouldn't it be me welcoming you back? I mean, wasn't it you who said I was so beneath your contempt that you wouldn't engage me further... you know on the ChCh massacre thread I started?? Not that I want you back, frankly. I don't need the forum lunatic following me around making petty comments about a grammar mistake. Wow, is that the best you have? And why must I find information that you can readily seek for yourself? I have no interest in giving you a history lesson.
  10. Weighing in on a subject

    The same folk would struggle to boil an egg, frankly.
  11. Weighing in on a subject

    Well, aren't you the one who should be saying this is a travesty? I mean seeing as how you raised the issue about how you wanted some sort of fairness in airplane seat pricing.
  12. Weighing in on a subject

    I lived in NYC for a while. I have a theory about this, for it does seem to be a fair observation that New Yorkers (or at least Manhattenites) are slimmer than typically seen elsewhere in the US. 1) NY is a fashion capital. 2) A lot of people us public transport - mainly subway to get around which means plenty of walking.
  13. Weighing in on a subject

    Maybe the large person bought a last minute ticket and paid hundreds more than you did. Or maybe the large person was smart and bought on a special, saving hundreds. Its all very assumptive to think people all paid the same price for their ticket, which makes this whole discussion entirely pointless.
  14. Weighing in on a subject

    Old dog, no tricks spring to mine
  15. Cat Power

    I was messing around with a messy make up style I saw on Pinterest. The idea was to end up with the look of a cat that had been playing in the make up box... haha ... no, not really. Actually the look I saw was really awesome but I didn't quite nail it. However, hopefully you like the ensemble anyway. xx P