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  1. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    Haha, maybe I'm closer to Bruno than I thought.
  2. Sweet Home Alabammy

    Well, the wheels are definitely starting to fall off the Donald train. Even the state which bought us Forrest Gump has had enough of stupidity ... Bravo.
  3. Jerusalem

    I really would like to. Maybe not SA but East sounds good.
  4. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    The Mallory/Irvine argument. No proof. Fake News ! I believe the expedition that Hillary was on has always stated they reached the summit together, however..."the archives included the original account of the achievement by Hillary, a three-page memo in which he had written: “(I) stepped on top of Everest…I quickly brought up Tensing [sic] beside me”.
  5. Jerusalem

    Oh thank You ! However I think you do Augie a slight injustice. His Grandma's words of wisdom have saved me, more than once, from making a complete tit of myself. They are very valuable contributions here. And Luckyme knows more about Africa than Google. To have that wisdom on tap is also , well, invaluable.
  6. False Nails

    Outstanding work people.
  7. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    Of course, as per normal, we've ended up focused on Trump, which is deserved in most respects because he is a cretin, however what about male to male sexual abuse. Kevin Spacey is undoubtedly the tip of a large Hollywood iceberg.
  8. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    Australians are always screwing over kiwis with claims that they were there first or that kiwi inventions were theirs. Pavlova, Phar Lap, Crowded House etc. We do, of course, concede on the issue of Russell Crowe. I feel the OP should simply do whatever they want. The rules here are archaic and meaningless. If Sir Edmund Hillary had climbed Everest wearing stilletoes he may have been regarded as Dame Edmund but we'd still revere him as the awesome person that he was.
  9. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    I'm cheap alright
  10. As always, ridiculously gorgeous.
  11. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    I thought the idea here was to break rules, get banned, come back again, break some more? I've said it 500 times already, the term "male wearers forum" is atrocious. I'm going to start posting pics in the OT forum from now on just to protest. There's so much confusion in that forum that I doubt anyone would notice a wee bit more.
  12. Used Panties

    Knighthoods are so easy to come by these days Augie. Soon they'll give one to Johnny Rotten. The world has gone into the upside down. Still, I'm sure granny would say that a tablespoon of cod liver oil would fix it.
  13. HAS (Heels and Seams) Society

    Do we get, like, a secret handshake ?