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  1. Lord High Executioner.

    You must mean Keef Richards, he played a pirate I believe. He was also in the Beatles wasn't he?
  2. 70 years and counting

    Well, you did say that any land grabbing was ok if you are the victorios. So how can you not say the same for Mugabe?
  3. Lord High Executioner.

    Well I know John Paul Jones was at Live Aid .
  4. 70 years and counting

    So from all that you've said here I can safely assume that you're supportive of what happened in Zimbabwe following Mugabe's victory?
  5. Lord High Executioner.

    Well that was Jim Jones , who was lead singer of The Doors.
  6. 70 years and counting

    Yes I'm sure that's exactly how the Germans argued it as well. It's funny how in the process of protection of it's land the land has expanded to now be 10 times the area it was. Please explain.
  7. Lord High Executioner.

    This is all beginning to sound like a Brian Jonestown massacre.
  8. 70 years and counting

    Well, there you have it. Empathy-less Israel, a nation of the desert boot... remember that similar thing we had a while back with those chaps and their jack boots? What strange irony.
  9. 70 years and counting

    Yes, perhaps 1 billion a year in international aid vs above the line 3.1 billion that USA give to Israel, not to account for the approx 6 billion below the line assists ... and then of the 1 Billion the Palestinians get how many development projects get bombed by the Israelis? How many developments are now in Israeli hands following illegal land grabbing ?? How much aid goes back to Israel to provide basic needs - such as power? And so on and so on...?
  10. Lord High Executioner.

    Well, given your penchant for spotting Elvis in shopping malls around Ohio I'm surprised you accept that both Brian Jones and John Lennon are dead.
  11. 70 years and counting

    I couldn't read the article as it requires me to sign in. However I decided to google "Where does Palestinian Foreign Aid Go". Unsurprisingly the top 20 hits were from Isreali newspapers or media organizations with a significant Jewish ownership. For example the New York Times. Like I said, just exactly who is dominating the propaganda war ? Anyway with a bit of a dig - Obama agreed to a $38 Billion, over the line aid package to Israel. In 2017 USA gave Israel $3.1 Billion compared to Palestinian aid of $250 million in 2014 (an entire scale of magnitude smaller). Note: Most of this aid is actually to assist Israel with defence ("security collaboration"). $50 million of that money went to pay Palestinian debt to Israeli electricity suppliers. Fully 78% of aid money goes back into Israeli coffers. That's where the money goes Rowlf. Open your damn eyes.
  12. 70 years and counting

    So lets see, if I understand you now, it's that me, Alteredbhoy and Helen are suckers for the plethora of propaganda that Palestinians are creating to further their cause? Apparently people that can't even farm turnips, whose military tech is rocks and petrol bombs are somehow winning the propaganda war against Israel who have at their disposal $10 billion US dollars annually , not to mention support from many well placed pro Israel backers in all manner of media institutions in the USA ? Is that what you're saying?
  13. Lord High Executioner.

    I think Brian Jones had a life but he got drowned in a swimming pool by John Lennon.
  14. 70 years and counting

    I have been wondering if you and Donald are actually one and the same person. You sure are equally narcissistic, selfish, empathy-less and stoopid.
  15. 70 years and counting

    Actually Rowlf, the point being made by myself and a few others - and that is born out by historical evidence is that the Palestinians are the ones who are (only just) rebuffing attempts to be killed off and driven from their land. Funny how you look at everything upside down and in complete dismissal of evidence. Carry on.