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  1. A novel, way to collaborate

    I met the/an (ex) ghost writer for Penthouse magazine's dear Xavier once. Nice woman. Loved her job. And the chap who wrote silence of the lambs. At the same party actually , although he is very reclusive. Anyway, can't we just keep on arguing about CO2? I don't have 5 paragraphs in me.
  2. Closet Cross Dressing

    Also not forgetting sissy culture and it's predilection for cock.
  3. Out and about

    Here's another from the same day... you know, confidence and all that :)
  4. Out and about

    I agree that to go out requires confidence. But here's my experience... a) Most people are too busy in their own worlds to really notice, or care and b) the more you go out the more confident you get.
  5. Went out yesterday for coffee and a browse through an art gallery with a friend (some here may remember her - Ms Joan Harris), who took some snaps :) Stockings of course. And some dishy lingerie by Pip.