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    Fully Fashioned Stockings by What Katie Did
  1. Just stunning as always. You are a beautiful gorgeous mature woman that has a divine choice in lingerie. You have scored the 5 D's from me:- Divine, Delicious, Delectable, Desirable and Devastating. Have a lovely Christmas. F.F.N. Stephanie XxX
  2. Wearing bras under shirts

    Thanks to all who replied to my ''wearing nylons under trousers'' post Xx Do any of you wear a bra when wearing nylons under trousers when out? I know alot of you pass and look fantastic when dressed but for me the consequences of being looked at and known as transvestite are to great a risk. I have to enjoy my desires discreetly like alot of you i dare say. F.F.N. Stephanie XxX
  3. Wearing Nylons under trousers

    Hi everyone. I love wearing nylons under my trousers with panties when going out, even when shopping. Do many of you indulge in this and also do you flash your nylon around your ankles by not wearing (I hate to say this socks) or just let your nylons show. Fully Fashioned Nylons Stephanie XxX