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    Love wearing and admiring tights/pantyhose and legs.
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    Wolford sheer black or light colour tights 7-40 denier

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  1. I cant even look in the hoisery aisles in supermarkets as she starts calling me weird and perverted and shouting at me. She NEVER wears as she says I have put her off wearing for life. No ecouragement at all in my house im afreaid.
  2. Exactly as I said. She thinks im disgusting, perverted,weird and sad for having such an obsession with tights and dressing. Only time i get to wear is at work under my jeans or hospital scrubs. At home if she catches me wearing we have a big argument and she puts any of my tights she finds in the bin!
  3. My wife hates me wearing and says I disgust her and that im a weird, perverted sad old man for cross dressing and having such a powerful obsession with tights etc. x