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  1. A tight spot in the country !

    Two wonderful photos of a very lovely and beautiful lady.
  2. One of an ex

    He has not deleted your previous comment as he has corrected two threads, possibly in error. Your previous comment is within the thread
  3. That is what I call a fashion show tease.
  4. One of an ex

    Nice photo of a wonderful looking lady in stockings. Although, be careful in case your ex finds out you have posted her photo!
  5. Chinon France

    Jules looks lovely with what looks to be a ten strap suspender belt on.
  6. Liberal utopia

    He has just opened up his 20th account under Monsieur Smooth, so you might want to block that account too.
  7. Boatmans Return

    Looks like Boatman is back again, this time under the account name: Monsieur Smooth
  8. Looks to be good retail therapy!
  9. Nice photos. I too was at Brooklands along with Shereones. Where were you this weekend?
  10. Topic removal

    You use the hide function on the original post. Should be under options, bottom right.
  11. Topic removal

    You use the hide function on the original post. Should be under options, bottom right.
  12. This site is amazing that a photo within a thread, which shows nudity and is basically a pornographic photo and everyone says 'Ooh Lovely photo'.   


    Yet, a person makes a comment that people should not make posts that put people down and that person gets called all the names under the sun.  

    1. SeamsFFun


      100% agree with you Robbies and have commented publicly on the post with a truthful assessment.

      No doubt I'll get pilloried, pulverised and pounded for being a righteous policeman but if a forum has rules and guidelines then people should stick to them and be told when they are not being compliant.

      Otherwise let's just make it a free-for-all and see how many genuine members with the site's heart and spirit in their minds leave!!!

      J :58674be973f66_EmojiSmiley-20: 

    2. stockingsadmirer68


      Where? 🤔 I missed that one 😳

    3. Lord Seaton

      Lord Seaton

      I have condemned photos because of the same reasons and praise heaped upon them only to be shot down in flames as about double standards!!!

  13. Voyeurism issue - Upskirt law

    I have to agree with this point. There is I believe evidence that people have been prosecuted over upskirt shots, whether the person has placed a phone camera up a skirt or whether the shot was taken with the help of a breeze. So not sure, what difference the new legislation will make in the long run. I also wonder if the law will apply to those photographers at events that ask ladies to lift their skirts? Admittedly, it is the ladies choice to lift her skirt to show their lingerie, but would these be counted as upskirt shots if seen without knowing that the lady gave her permission.
  14. Wifeys tights

    Your wife has amazing beautiful legs and a wonderful sense of fashion.
  15. Coffee Shop 2

    Nice views in the coffee shop.