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  1. Wow...lovely. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Lovely photo, thank you for sharing.
  3. Very nice, thank you for sharing.
  4. Should probably be in the Joke thread, but ...

    No, I have blocked all your accounts. But there is an option to show the messages should you want to see them and on this occasion I have chosen to see the messages from yourself. Why have you posted three messages one after the other, when you could have posted one message with everything in it? Now, who is the one being stupid.
  5. Should probably be in the Joke thread, but ...

    I have not got anyone banned as far as I am aware. If mentioning that something is not within the rules of these forums to the moderators has got someone banned, then that was the decision of the moderators to ban them rightly or wrongly. But it has never been my intention for someone to be banned, just be told that they need to be following the rules set out by David for the forums. When someone is stating that I supposedly have multiple accounts, when that simple is not the case and cannot provide the account names, who is more of the liar? I am certainly not in the same league as you when it comes to liars Tony.
  6. Should probably be in the Joke thread, but ...

    i think everyone within these forums should still have an answer to my question above please? Otherwise I suggest, if you cannot back something up with actual facts then don't mention it within these forums. Or are you talking about yourself again when it comes to having multiple accounts? Maybe, you should book yourself into a retirement home as you seem to be getting senile in your old age.
  7. Should probably be in the Joke thread, but ...

    Typical Boatman, accuses someone of something but cannot back it up with facts which is why he has not answered! I think I have all 12 of your accounts blocked now Tony, so there is no point in your stupid charades anymore. The person is not a young man, he is a 60 neurotic idiot that only gets their fun from peeing people off in forums such as this forum. But to answer your question, Rowlf yes I do expect them to back up the accusation that they have made of me having multiple accounts which is not true. It is Tony that has the multiple accounts not me and he is only talking about himself above as far as I am concerned. But if he wants to continue like that, that I can play ball and get these forums shut down with no hassle to me at all.
  8. Should probably be in the Joke thread, but ...

    As I asked before name the accounts that you believe I have within this site?
  9. Should probably be in the Joke thread, but ...

    True, but I know that the plans to move the American Embassy where doing the rounds of planning halls within London 9 - 10 years ago. This would mean it was before President Obama became President. As for Potus not being a saint, well that can be seen by watching re - runs of The Apprentice US version.
  10. Should probably be in the Joke thread, but ...

    Bog off Weenie, it is only you that has multiple accounts on this site. The rest of us just have a need to have one account. I would ask you to name the other accounts that I am suppose to have on this site, but as I have done that before and you did not answer the question I don't expect an answer now. Anyway, it is called freedom of speech. Something that neither you or Donald Trump would know anything about in your lives.
  11. Should probably be in the Joke thread, but ...

    The leaders we have in the UK are not the strongest and not the best people I believe to take the country forward. Especially as the vote for Brexit was done by most people that are over 60 years old and probably by the time all things are completed they will be dead. It will then be those of us that are aged 40 plus that will then be the ones that will have to take the pain and the strain of the voting done by our elders. Now, to get back on the subject of Donald Trump. For me the man is a man trying to be a US version of Winston Churchill, however he is not there to be doing good for the people of the US in the way that Sir Winston did for the people of the UK in the second World War. Within the UK during WW2, the people where put limited food supplies here in the UK and I can see that happening in the US with those with salaries below $36,000 with the way that Potus is heading. I can also see him taking the US to war with North Korea and expecting the rest of the world to join in the fight, which they will not I suspect. All Potus really cares about is making sure that his rich friends make more money and the poorer get poorer, so that when it comes time to leave office he can ask for the favours back from his buddies. If DT was the man that he says that he is when he was getting to people to vote for him to be President, then he would come to the UK next month and open the new US Embassy. He should not fear people that do not want him to set foot in this country. With regards to the waste of money being spent on the new American Embassy and giving up a prime place for the Embassy to be based in Mayfair, I must agree with him on that point. However, it was not Barack Obama that made the decision I believe on the US Embassy, I believe it was his old Republican mate George W Bush. It just took time to get through the planning procedures here in the UK.