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  1. Thought I would show you guys what I plan on wearing for New Year's Eve. The Aria is having a big New Year's Eve party (along with all the other hotels in Vegas) so I thought I might go there if I can find a date... J, what are you doing December 31st? If any of you guys or gals see me there, come on over to my table say hello and you had better ask me to dance! I love dancing! Love you all, Brie PS: Click on the image twice for the HD version.
  2. Hi J. We have had some lovely private chats and I would so love to see you in person. I would love to show you Las Vegas and if you ever get across the pond, please drop me a line. Dinner and a show and of course I will be wearing! Love, Brie
  3. Yes, I am single...always interested in a serious marriage proposal! Love, Brie
  4. You guys really made my day with all your wonderful comments on my last post, so here is another set of photos I took the other night (December 1). Hope you all enjoy! Love, Brie... PS: Click on the image twice to see the full-size picture.
  5. Thought I would celebrate my Scottish heritage and wear a mini tartan skirt and RHT black stockings...enjoy! PS: A thousand kisses to the guy or gal who can identify the clan to which the tartan belongs. Again, click on the image TWICE to get the full size, high definition version. All hot comments gleefully welcomed!