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  1. He who sups with the devil …

    Yes I am fully aware of all the trials that a new ship entering the fleet has to go through and the work ups to readiness that goes with it and that the F35B's are joining her from America and Rotory wing trials are and have been carried out but with a full compliment of helicopters on board there will be scarce amount left to go around the rest of the fleet, likewise with manpower if the Queen Elizabeth has a full compliment other ships and shore establishments will be short. Due to cuts in our Armed Forces by subsequent governments.
  2. First timer

    Stunning photo don't be afraid to dip your other toe! Thanks for sharing.
  3. He who sups with the devil …

    You are correct the New aircraft carrier will be quite empty, there is a shortage of manpower and aircraft to compliment it. The armed forces has been cut back far to much by subsequent governments since the 1990's. But we still have the best trained personnel in the world.
  4. He who sups with the devil …

    If Cornyn had been Prime Minister in 1939 then I am sure the predominant language in this country would be German and the majority of us alive today would not have been born, and yes I'm also sure that had he been Prime Minister in 1982 then the Falkland Islanders would now be speaking Spanish!. Let's really hope he never holds that position!
  5. Out and about

    Very very nice
  6. Leggybird

    Absolutely delightful