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    I'm happily married to MrDZ! :)
    I'm here to talk about stockings with like minded people. I enjoy digital scrapbooking, homeschooling our daughter, singing, and enjoy watching quirky TV Shows.
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  1. I was extremely nervous to share photos, but I figured if I never tried, I'd never know if I could do it. I adorn for Mr DZ and myself, so it felt weird showing my stuff. I will always be reserved in what I show, because that ties in with my relationship with hubby and more than what I've shown is too personal.
  2. Yesterday I wore Manhattan heels...and today I'm back in Hanes Lace top hold ups. I think MrDZ has a pic or two...
  3. Wanna keep a thread going about what we are wearing with me? I'm wearing vintage Belle Sharmeer sheer light tan RHT Duchess length stockings held up by a floral deep V 6 strap suspender belt. Next?