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  1. Enjoy the ship ..I am sure you will recognise the cabins For Liebhaber-von-Nylons as asked for v clips . Nylons are Gio full contrast 10's . The 25th you say ? la coruna is beautiful at this time of year ... Nikon D4, 50mm f1.4, D800 speedlight . Andy
  2. My thoughts had struggled to stray from last nights events all day . The tube back was quieter but still couldn't have gone slower . As I entered the reception, after another gruelling day in negotiation, the aroma of No.5 hit my nostrils . Bella was here ,,, somewhere.... 'Buona sera, richiederete un tavolo al ristorante stasera?' queried the receptionist . 'Yes please.' I glibly responded ,my mind elsewhere and my eyes scouring the reception for the source of the perfume . Food was the last thing on my mind right now . 'Farlo per due.' I added . Ice some Falanghina as well please . Then ,as if in response to the sound of my voice, Bella exited the side lobby . She strutted across reception with a killer confidence and those heels played the pied piper's tune . 'A che ora ?' Bellowed the receptionist .....but it was too late ,I was spell bound again and following with assiduity .