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    Love talking about my wife and our life and loves …My wife is 40 wears stockings everyday for work, normally black or sheer holdups. We love lingerie and sharing a flash or glimps of stockings and sheer panties. We love suspender belts showing through skirts especially leather skirts with heels or boots.. PC me anytime for a chat
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    Sheer stockings, suspender belts multi strap & leather skirts
  1. Mrs B has recently started to enjoy wearing her latex lingerie for the office and obviously received significantly more comments from numerous admirers. She has also upped her investment in the nylons she now chooses to wear for work and often teams these with either a black or white latex rubber Suspender belt, under a very formal business suit or pencil skirt, blouse and patent spike heels. Aside from the obvious pleasure and turn on this gives both of us and clearly some of her work colleagues, do any other members enjoy teaming more specific bedroom lingerie and in particular latex lingerie with everyday or office wear? ‘Can you also recommend any other lingerie and stockings combinations that she should consider trying ? She has an affinity with her white latex belt and chooses not to wear panties with this combination. ‘Look forward to your replies and any comments on her work attire for the office. M&MB. X