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  1. I can't help thinking that the majority of women, especially in the UK have stopped wearing hosiery. It's getting to the point where I am actually surprised and of course delighted, to see a girl or lady wearing stockings or tights. I don't actually mind if they wear either, as long as they wear something on their legs which doesn't include leggings or trousers. As an occasional wearer myself of nylon tights, sometimes stockings, I can't see why they are being ignored. What do you think out there? Have stockings and tights had their day? I hope not!
  2. It seems that the bare leg look may be here to stay, unfortunately. If only the girls out there realised that good hosiery improves all legs. I guess the only hosiery that doesn't do it for me are the standard 40 denier black tights that have become somewhat of a uniform. Actually when it comes to the colour black, I actually prefer to see at least 100 denier. When it comes to favourite colours, in my opinion, you can't beat a tan colour, any shade. As our friends above mentioned the Royal Family, I know when the bare leg fad started - Princess Diana. She's to blame for enforcing, what was then only occasional bare leg shows. Sorry to all the Royalists and Diana fanatics but it's true! (I did watch the Wedding on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it too, so I've nothing against the Royals).