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    I am heterosexual but until recently I've just loved wearing stockings and suspenders when possible. Now I have a pair of heels, having trouble walking in them though, and have just ordered a dress. Often wear stockings or holdups under my jeans when I go out. Any other part time cross dressers in Cornwall I'd love to hear from you just to chat. Love also to hear from any of you ladies in the South West who enjoy seeing guys in lingerie.
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    Pretty Polly, Gabriella, Charnos

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  1. I admit the original photo was a mistake and I corrected it. Other people have posted photos on this thread, have you reported them? End of the matter.
  2. I removed the previous photo and have cropped the photo. Hope this one is ok...
  3. What is your problem slagging people off!
  4. I would wear one of my mum's slips when I was young but not for many years now
  5. And what a lucky partner you have Dayna xx
  6. Forgot to say how great it is to have a girlfriend like you have leggysian
  7. And great photos they are too
  8. very hard this self control at the moment