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    Have been attracted to women in their bra, stockings and lingerie from a very young age. Happy to chat about lingerie, wives, experiences.

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  1. Come Fly With Me

    absolutely gorgeous
  2. Out in surrey last night

    Absolutely gorgeous Rich and Jules. Beautiful legs, heels, stockings and bust. Incredible!
  3. 12 strap

    Looking incredible as usual.
  4. Zip Me Up Please

    What a sexy picture. The small detailing of the back of your black bra and black suspender belt is lovely. I would love to see more as you turn around and let your lovely dress slowly fall to the floor.
  5. Getting ready for work

    What wonderful legs you have! Please keep posting as you look very beautiful.
  6. Black Stockings

    Great pose. Very sexy, beautiful lingerie. I love your black bra, red lips and blonde hair. An erotic combination for many I am sure. Thanks for sharing it with us Lynn, you look wonderful.