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  1. Hi All, we are spending Saturday night at the Cotswolds, not sure where yet so any suggestion of which town is good would be appreciated and of course if yo'd like to come and say hi let me know.
  2. Friday night in Chester.

    We left the bar as after eating none of us really felt like drinking much more. I went outside to call a taxi to be told it old be a minimum of one hour. Peter suggested calling one from his hotel as maybe they had priority. We wandered back and all was normal. Mrs F linked my arm and we chatted about how young the policeman looked, brexit the usual rubbish. We arrived at reception and Mrs F said she needed the loo the receptionist explained where they were, which was right at the back of the hotel. Peter said she could use his if is she liked which was just down the corridor, she excepted his invite, Peter passed me a room card to let myself in once I had booked the taxi. Reception called through for our taxi and they too were told around an hour, I booked it and headed towards his room. They had only been gone a minute at this point. I reached the door and stopped and listened, I couldn't hear anything and seeing as they had probably only just got there Mrs F was probably in the loo. It is then that I surprised myself, instead of going in I went to the hotel bar and ordered myself a scotch. I don't know why I did this all I did know was that My wife of nearly 30 years was alone in a room with a man we hadn't met fours ago. Mr heart was thumping as I sat sipping my drink, I finished it in about 5 minutes and decided to have one last one. My mind was racing with what might be happening. I calmed myself down and went through it all in my head. There was no way they would be doing anything certainly not without checking I was ok with it first, which I probably wouldn't of been. I finished my drink and walked back to the room, again pausing and listening, I couldn't hear anything so in I went and for once the card worked first time. What greeted me was Mrs F lying on her back on the bed with Peter lying pretty much on top of her, both still fully clothed but Mrs F dress was up round her Waist and Peter was feeling her legs. I froze. Neither of them acknowledged me and they carried on kissing and feeling each other. I stood there for a I guess a minute or two at first I was going to put a stop to it but the jealousy and anger quickly turned to excitement. Here I was watching my wife having fun with what was basically a stranger and as I told myself it was only really kissing so no worse than what had happened earlier. I took my phone out and started taking a few pictures I will put a couple below, I can't put many as this is a public forum and things moved on and those pictures or moments definitely can't be displayed on here.
  3. Friday night in Chester.

    We finished our meal and decided we would have one last drink, we went to a bar called liquor and co it's a very cool cocktail bar and is also nice and dark. Peter got the drinks while we found somewhere to sit. Peter sat right next to Mrs F, I was starting to feel a little uneasy about things it felt like I was intruding on their date, but seeing as I had arranged it couldn't exactly say anything. Peter had his hand on her leg again not showing her stocking tops just stroking her leg, Mrs F then turned and started kissing him right in front of me it went on for what seemed like ages, I have to admit it was very exciting in a strange way knowing what they were doing was wrong but it was also very erotic watching my wife passionately kissing another man right in front of me. As they were kissing her dress rode up exposing her bare thighs but only to me and Peter as they had their backs to the room, it was then that he noticed what had been removed earlier.
  4. Friday night in Chester.

    He very kindly took us out for lunch the next day.
  5. Friday night in Chester.

    Mrs F returned and sat back in between us and again put her coat on her lap. She looked at Peter and said well aren't you going to feel my leg then! His put his hand straight under her coat and onto her leg, we chatted for another half hour or so, then decided we needed some food. Mrs F moved her coat, Peter moved his hand away quickly at the same time, Mrs F's dress was pushed all the way up on both sides and although it was dark I could clearly see she had removed an item of clothing when she had been in the toilet. I don't think Peter knew and he wasn't looking in that direction. We all stood up and left and headed off to a local restaurant. We ordered some food and a bottle of wine. Service was slow and Mrs F was feeling a little worse for where, she said she was gong out for some fresh air, She stood just outside the door to the restaurant messing with her phone. Peter said he would go and have a quick cigarette before dinner. He walked past Mrs F and out of view. I could see Mrs F was talking to him she then walked out of view too. I thought nothing of it . The food then arrived so I went out side to tell them it was ready. I couldn't see either of them, there was a small entrance down the side of the restaurant I walked down there and stopped dead, at the end of the alleyway they were stood kissing. I walked back inside not quite knowing how to feel, they came back in shortly after with Mrs F laughing, she said guess what we just did, she explained about the kiss and said was it ok. I said it was but I wasn't entirely sure.
  6. You may of seen that I quite often post in the forum that we are going out and to get in touch if you're about and fancy a flash of stocking top. What you don't know is Mrs F knows nothing about my posts, she knows about the forum but not that I post we will be going out. I'll run you through what happened on Friday night and maybe next time it will be your turn. We jumped on the train to Chester and went to the nearest bar to the station which is inside the Queens hotel, it's called the waiting room. It is a nice little bar and you are pretty much always guaranteed to stocking flashes as the various couples call for a drink before heading into town. Mrs F always wears a dress and always hold ups, sorry not stockings but better than tights. Her dresses are always short and come just below the lace tops, which is fine when we are walking around but she has to be very careful when sitting down or walking up stairs. Mrs F sat down on a low chair while I got some drinks, as I walked over to her she had done a good job of keeping covered up with only a hint of lace showing on the leg she had crossed over. We sat chatting for a while I waited for the fellow shq member to arrive. Mrs F had had a couple of glasses of wine and was now nice and relaxed and not worrying to much about her dress, although to be honest you would have to have a keen eye to have spotted anything. I saw our meet arrive and stand at the bar having a drink he kept glancing over at Mrs F but was being pretty discreet about it. I went to get some more drinks and struck up a conversation with him, we had agreed that I would introduce him to Mrs F using the excuse that he had noticed her stocking top and had mentioned it to me which had then led to us talking about this forum. We both walked over to Mrs F and I explained what had happened she blushed slightly and told him he shouldn't be looking. He joined us at our table and we had another couple of drinks with Mrs F allowing her dress to ride up slightly more so from where he was sat he could now see all the lace of one stocking top. It was getting busy in there now so I suggested moving to another bar just up the road. Mrs F stood up and put her coat on as she stretched her arm out to put it on her dress rode up revealing both her stocking tops and a little of her bum cheek, by this time she had had a good few drinks so wasn't too bothered. Peter (shq member) was a nice guy and was very complimentary towards Mrs F, as we walked along Mrs F linked both our arms as she was wearing heels and the pavement wasn't the best. I stopped to get some money out of the bank and as it was very cold I told them to go without me and I would catch them up. I got my cash out and turned to catch them up. I walked quickly and as I got nearer I saw that she was no longer linking his arm but was now holding his hand. I stayed the same distance behind watching my wife walk down the road holding this mans hand, that she had only met an our ago. I felt a bit of jealousy but also a slight rush of excitement. Inside the pub Mrs F had gone to find a seat and Peter was at the bar, he immediately said that he hoped he didn't mind that he had held her hand, and it was just to stop her tripping, I told him it was fine and I had quite enjoyed seeing it and although it made me feel a little odd it was ok. We went back and sat on the sofa either side of Mrs F who had her coat over her legs as the sofa was low and she was rather exposed. Peter went to the toilet and Mrs F told me that they had held hands and she hoped it was ok, I said it was fine and I actually got a bit of a rush from it, she laughed and told me I was weird. Peter came back and again sat next to Lisa, as he did she grabbed his hand and said Mr F likes it when I hold your hand and laughed again, but she didn't let go of it, she moved her arm so both their hands were resting on top of her coat. Mrs F picked her coat up to get her phone out of the pocket Peter moved his hand out of the way but put it immediately back down where it had been but this time on her thigh as the coat had gone. I told her she better put the coat back as she was flashing a bit too much. She put the coat back, Peters hand was now under the coat and on her thigh. She looked at me and mouthed are you ok, I smiled and winked. We chatted some more and had a few more drinks. I could see Peters hand was moving on my wife's leg but I obviously couldn't see anything. We sat for maybe another half hour and I have to admit my heart was racing as what was going on next to me. Mrs F said she needed to go to the toilet, she moved her coat, I nearly spat my drink out Peter had managed to move her dress right up on his side and hand his hand on her bare flash, she quickly pulled it down so as not to flash anyone. Peter said he was having an amazing night and asked if I was sure this was ok, I said it was and although I was feeling jealous it was also very exciting.
  7. Hi all we are heading into Chester tomorrow night for a few drinks, let me know if you would like a nice flash of Mrs F's stocking tops or even a chat and a drink.