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  1. This is me having a sit down in the Rose Garden after a day on my little size threes!
  2. Many years ago when I was still at High School in 1979 I bough my first suspender belt with my pocket money it was from C&A. It was a little fawn one with lace and bows. Very basic and had plastic clips that proved to be difficult to clip in. But I loved it, I would then use my subsequent pocket money to buy my stockings from the Co-op and Woolworths. Of course to be different I bought black seamed stockings. i remember having to wash it and my stockings in the upstairs bathroom in secret when I went to bed at night and dry them on the radiator so my mother didn't know I was wearing them. There were only a few of us who wore stockings then and I'm sure they did it to attract the boys! Me I wore them because I loved the look of them and the way they felt when you wore them. But in the end they did attract attention. There was one special boy who I did eventually wear them for in the hope that he would notice me I would wait at the bus stop for him everyday and walk to school with him hoping he would hold my hand but he never did. He was my friend until one day we were boy and girl. He got to see my little fawn belt and stocking tops but sadly that was all it was circumstances took over and we went our separate ways and a love was lost. I had always wondered where that little belt had gone and wished I'd kept it . Now that special boy is a wonderful man and in my life once again this time it's forever, we wanted so much to find one of these little belts as a memento from our teenage years and our young love. How far did he have to search ? All the way to China but he found one and it has plastic clips! I'm so happy that he was able to find one . Now it's worn again especially for him. It means so much to me, I have many others but this little one has pride of place. Does anyone else have fond memories of their first suspender belt?