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    I'm a true lover of stockings! I've had a fetish for them even from a early age, trying to look up the teachers skirt,I've got my sky box full of stocking capture's which I will try and share with you, as I'm crap with technology I might struggle, is there anyone in the Northumberland or Newcastle who might want to come over to mine and help me??
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  1. I agree but i watched the program and she was really self conscious about her skirt, always pulling it down until after the last ad break were I think she took her stockings off, Il try and put some more pics on.
  2. yes you could be right, bloody nice legs though.
  3. possibly a stocking top? Possibly a shadow? What do you think? I'm not sure.
  4. welsh Chanel s4c on sky, I've been recording this program for a while now along with heno as its all the same presenters, I've had a few stocking flashes in the past but not as good as this one!!!