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  1. Hey oddbod take our pic off ure profile 

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    2. TheStockingFitter


      It is THEFT pure and simple!
      Why should it require a moderator to keep the forum in good order.

      All that is need is that members and contributors use good manners and work to levels of common decency in all regards.
      Sadly in these days of social media many believe they can or do say whatever they wish.
      Good manners and adherence to social norms are disregarded by too many leading to photo theft, libellous comments, downright lies all hidden behind the anonymity of the internet!
      If you do not own it either do not use it or ask permission and give credit to others work or pictures! Not hard really!!

    3. shereones


      Every picture opened offers you th chance to use it as your  own, some may do it by accident. 

    4. Robbies


      I have to agree with TheStockingFitter's comments above having had a few of my photos been used by others for their profile photo and also placed on their Flickr account.