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  1. Ladies and Gents Mr Funseams and I will be heading off overseas tomorrow morning for an extended period and so would like to take this opportunity (Our final post for 2017) to wish all SHQ members and especially those who have taken the time and effort to Comment, Compliment and like my posts over the past year A very merry sexy Christmas and a Nylon and Lingerie filled new year. We wont be posting while away but will be checking in from time to time, time allowing, so for those who PM or keep in touch with me would like to drop a line then please do so, I would still love to hear from you with any sexy updates and gossip. Please don't think bad if I don't respond strait away, we aren't ignoring anyone or upset with anyone we may just be busy doing other stuff, but I will write when I have the chance. Finally it has been noted and commented on that in my latest posts/thread that I wasn't wearing Seams. Those that followed the thread will know that I was caught out at short notice with an impromptu photo session. To make amends hubby suggested one last post with some pics that sum me up and fit my SHQ name, Merry Christmas Everyone and happy new year from Mrs (Fun in Seams) FUNSEAMS XX