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  1. This is the promised follow on from our previous posting "Decisions" when I asked which colour stockings to wear copper or natural. The weight of opinion came down in favour of the copper but I did promise to show some pics of the natural ones, so here's a few to start the thread. M&T x
  2. Just about right for the cold weather........ M x
  3. I know its a stockings forum but lots of people are appreciative of some tights pics so here's a few more. We do frequently contribute to the stockings section........... Minnie x
  4. Just wondering which pair to wear on Valentines with my green OBG, the copper or natural ff stockings? Minnie x
  5. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Here's some more from that night......
  6. Back from a golf trip!

    Fabulous pics, thanks xxx
  7. Saturday Night Away

    Looks like you had a great night..... M&T x
  8. Hope you guys (and gals) enjoy these last few M x
  9. Seem to be into fishnets this month! Minnie x
  10. Great comments thanks to everyone who added to the thread. More pics to follow. M x
  11. Final couple of pics...... Watch out for the pictures of the green obg and natural stockings which we will post in a new thread soon M&T x