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  1. Thought this might be nice to share with all you tights fans. Can't remember what brand they are but have a strange gusset. Go nice with my over knee boots? M x
  2. Now there's an offer thats hard to refuse! M x
  3. Oh dear looks like Hubby has managed to ladder them after having a cheeky fondle! Suppose I'll have to start another thread now he's ruined this pair? Minnie x
  4. Driving in stockings

    Too good a topic not to post more....... M x
  5. Thanks everyone absolutely loving your comments. A couple more, you can just about make out the micro mesh weave. M x
  6. Driving in stockings

    Another couple not driving I'm afraid but hope they count! M x
  7. Driving in stockings

    Hooked - simply stunning set of pics, thanks.
  8. After such glowing praise from my previous posting in the Tights and More Forum I just had to post a few more. This time I'm wearing a pair of very fine micro mesh tights. Minnie x
  9. Totally overwhelmed by all your comments so suppose I'll have to start another thread with some more of our pictures........... Minnie x
  10. If I remember rightly they were from bare necessities curvy couture range.
  11. Ha ha sorry for causing you such a dilemma! M x
  12. I'm mostly a stockings wearer but occasionally use tights. Have posted in the stockings forum so here are some pics for the tights lovers. Quite a few more to show if appreciated. M x
  13. We have added a few pics to someone's topic previously but this is our first independent post. Here's my wife wearing some contrast seams with an OBG. Hope you all like?