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    Hi, we're a happily long time married couple, both in our late fifties and enjoying every aspect of a fun life with a great variety of friends. Always happy to meet new people to make life even more interesting. Mrs Pinkerton always dresses to tease and please and this has led to some very happy times together. Our motto; 'Live life to the full as this is not a rehearsal'.
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    Mrs PC wears only ff seam nylons now, every day.

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  1. Do you wear stockings and suspenders?

    I’m starting to wonder if I really am in the minority here? Not only do I wear stockings everyday and have done for the 43 years that Alan and I have been together, but for the last 16 years I have worn ff point heel seam stockings as everyday wear. I’ve never had any negative comments from anyone since I’ve been wearing seams every day, in fact quite the opposite from both males and females and these have also led us to making some very nice friends from all over the UK and in the USA where we have a home also.
  2. seams at football

    That’s a coincidence, as my hubby Alan is a Tottenham supporter and a year or so ago we were invited by one of his customers to watch a game in their corporate box which commenced with a meal beforehand.As usual, as is my everyday wear, I was wearing black Gio ff point heel seams, which judging by the smiles I got on the day, were very much appreciated by the mostly male company that we were in.Alan had an email the following week saying how much his (and my) presence was appreciated and how they would like to discuss more business with him.As I say, that was a year or so ago and Alan’s orders from the company has grown significantly. We also have another invite from them to go to another hospitality gathering but for some reason at the Wembley pitch. Do you think this has anything to do with my Gio’s? 😊😊