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  1. Revisiting old photos 3

    Got to say you have stunning pair of stocking legs . Hope you enjoyed the journey
  2. Revisiting old photos 2

    Fantastic photos. Widow table would be a must.
  3. Lovely basque and nylon stockings. Hope it was a nice treat in the bag
  4. Anyone For A Latte?

    Stunning. Make mine a large latte
  5. Lovely pic. Hope it was from one of York events
  6. Tonight's dinner

    Dinner looks device. Think I would be taking my time eating
  7. Hope your stopping at my floor. Stunning
  8. Great pictures. Wish I was parking g my car
  9. Looks stunning . Hope you went out for the evening
  10. Lovely photos katie . Lucky window cleaner and assistant
  11. Stunning. Wish I was the camera man. 😉
  12. Fantastic picture. Think I would be following you up the stairs .thanks for posting
  13. Saturday Night Away

    Fantastic photos as always . Hope you had plenty of admirers