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    Just love anything to do with classic nylons! Preliminary I'm here to continue my love of erotic photography. Enjoy amateur photography as a hobby; enjoy taking classy, tasteful non adult pictures of females/models in stockings; my work being displayed at my "purpleport" profile. I shoot classic lingerie and some very soft "damsel in distress". Definitely not a pro-photographer and I don't inspire to be one; but just like to create non pornographic, inspirational, thought provoking styles! All what you see here has been created by me over many years with a lot of patience, care, thought and time. Generally keep out of the forums here due to a lot of the nonsense, points scoring and in house fighting; I just comment on pictures that I find tasteful and thought provoking and keep my work for viewing in my own gallery.

    Happy to share this with trusted friends, couples and photographers; avoiding pic hunters, "swinging" type stuff and non contributors. Prefer to correspond with those who have a love of lingerie/photography and who contribute here with their own works and photography :) Also possibly work with like minded friends. Prefer too to get to know people and tend not to accept random friend requests or blank/incomplete profiles with zero contributions. Nor do I generally accept random chat requests from CD's and single males. These I will decline now as its becoming an issue when in the chatroom. Nor do I chat with Walter Mitty types who pop up and give farcical descriptions of their experiences and current sex lives!! Love genuine feedback on my photos but references to phallic descriptions I find disrespecting and distasteful. Also its not my legs in any of the pictures. They are friends/models!!!!

    I'm also very cautious now who gets to see my full portfolios here as many seem to express an interest in my photography with a motive just to gain access to my pics! Biggest pet hate is being strung along here by people who often contribute nothing, express an interest in working with me and have no intention of following it through; or use as front to suggest things that are disgusting and crewd!!. And sorry about the watermarks, just that I've already had pictures stolen/used here so I protect myself and the models. Its often unfortunate at times some people can't appreciate the time and effort invested in photography and the difference from working with a model and pornography! Questions like "did you %*!* the model" , "you've gorgeous legs" & references to male genitalia and crewd suggestions whilst viewing my pics will get ignored or a sharp reply!! Other sites cater better for those needs; go get a life!!! ! Another pet hate is those who don't fully read profiles!!

    Apologies if I come across as a bit finicky, def not mr unapproachable or mr angry but just want to ensure any of my work doesn't end up where it shouldn't. Want to converse with people who share my love of sensible glamour photography:) If you like my photography, have some ideas, are totally genuine and serious about doing some photography on a non swinging, professional basis by all means drop me a line.
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    FF cuban seams, gios etc

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