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    what do I like? just general niceties of life, I love shopping, good food/wine, fun & intelligent conversation, good comedy, sci-fi, motorbikes, rock music, Tori Amos, animals, good company, politeness & manners - maybe I have old fashioned morals and manners too - yes I am a Trans Woman, I consider myself to be female and one day soon, I will be complete xxxx
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  1. PICS and "LIKES"

    Love this ........ LM is a complete loser, and quite frankly, a waste of DNA xxx Glad I'm not the only one who sees this tw*t for who they really are!! Robbies/Stockngsadmirer68.................. completely agree with what you're saying about this d*ckhead! Mwahhhh P
  2. Admin - can you please tell me how to delete my profile? Too many bad people on here :( Thank you Paula x