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  1. Nylon Feet - As requested

    Looks like the correct forum to me Lynn! They are all lovely photos of your stunning legs in sensual nylons. But the third one of your seamed stockings with such gorgeous heels is truly fabulous. So incredibly sensual and erotic. Thank you for all of these poses and for posting your photos for all to see. As ever, truly amazing legs!
  2. Housework in Pantyhose

    Looks as though you maybe washing your "smalls" Lynn, but you look wonderful in the smalls that you did not put in the wash. Fabulous legs and tights and pretty lingerie as always. I love your enthusiasm for dressing for your photos and posting here almost every day. A great effort that is very much appreciated by this fan of yours. NylonBil
  3. Important Question.

    The moral of your question is to never buy the first thing you see, but spend a little more time looking at other nearby shops before deciding on your best buy. You current approach is fine if you have zillions of pounds then what does it matter, you can still buy the second pair that you see!
  4. Risky flashing

    Thank you for the tip Nottsleglover. A quick check proved you to be right as to the source and owner of these photos. As I said, they were posed in Birmingham and not Nottingham. Someone owes Demonlegs a very sincere apology for STEALING their photos, and should also plead guilty to plagarism! Dear Demonlegs, thank you for your gorgeous photos (on Flickr) and now on here. Your fabulous dress ensemble and gorgeous legs certainly improve the night time view in the Bull Ring! I would love to see more of you here on SHQ, such quality style, and photos. Thank you NylonBil