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  1. Mmmmm! Seams 17! Perfect sensual bottom.Fabulous legs and exquisite heels. Love the panties disappearing between your luscious cheeks. Love the taut suspenders over your gorgeous thighs. Perfection all round in wearing stockings, heels and revealing oyur beautiful bottom! TOP MARKS Thank you for dressing, posing and posting. XX NylonBil
  2. The photo by the window is absolutely outstanding! Fabulous legs and exquisitely beautiful luscious rounded bottom to die for! Perfection ins stockings and lingerie Thank you NylonBil
  3. Simply FABULOUS Sue,but then your phots and you always are Fabulous. The perfect legs and absolutely perfect bottom Mmmm! Thank oyu so must for posing and posting. NylonBil XX
  4. Hello Sue, Lovely sensual photo of you wearing tights. I imagine that they look sensational on you when you are standing up, for they look superb when you are sitting. More please. By the way, there is nothing wrong with your bottom that could not go on the thread about "rear view' Your bottom is perfectly rounded and shapely and certainly not too large. Please let us see your bottom on the thread and show up the slim and skinny ones that are to me unattractive. Thank you for all your poses and posts. NylonBil
  5. A truly worthy addition to "Rear of the Year" Simply gorgeous, smoooooth and rounded. Mmmmm! Plus such fabulous nylon bedecked legs and stunning heels. Looks stunning to me. Thank you for posing and posting NylonBil
  6. A few days away

    Looks like a step in the right direction! Fabulous seams and beautiful welt. 20 out of 10! Thank you for posing and posting.