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  1. on the balcony

    Good to know you like Seamsffun's writing so much, for Marmite is a wonderful spread!
  2. on the balcony

    Fire 999 Thank you for a set of wonderful photos of Gill and yourself upon the balcony. As always a delightful sequenst of photos to show Gill's beauty in all its glory, and you get in the act for a nice change, or had you caught Gill flashing to some watchers below?? I sure they would have looked in wonder to see the best legs on SHQ, and clad in stockings as always. Truly gorgeous with perfectly straight seams heels and a very pretty dress. Hope it was not too cold outside, no sign of goose bumps, just suspender bumps! Mmmmm! Looks as though this may have been a prelude to a fun evening. I am sure you both had a great time. Gill, yours are simply the best legs and your skill at flashing is second to none! Thank you for posing and to G for posting.
  3. Katie, Fabulous as always, suspenders over the top or under your panties does not matter to me. What is important is that you wear them how you think best for the situation you are in? Thank you for posing, and Adrian for posting, you are the embodiment and the perfect spirit of the SHQ Stocking Forum. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, may you stockings be filled to overflowing, and Very Best wishes to you both for a Happy and Fun filled New Year. NylonBil XX
  4. Clearly the "Cream of The Crop"
  5. On or off the Hook !!

    At the sight of these lovely photos my engine has overheated! Is it time for a service? Ha!Ha! Maybe a plug change? But don't ask about an oil change as it will involve the Dip Stick! Love photos with luscious legs, stocking and heels. Looks like the crane hook may have split the skirt! Thank you for posing and posting.
  6. Good job there is not Bull, otherwise they may have got the horn!! Love the lingerie and stockings, hope it was not too cold! Thank you for posing and posting.
  7. Lovely pictures from a great and very funny TV series. Even better was the live stage show in London at the time. It was much more risque that the TV programme, can,t say where Renee hid the Bratwurst with the picture of the "Madonna with the Big Boobies" incredibly funny. On the stage the ladies in their FFN.s and Helga in her basque looked sensational. It should be repeated on TV again!
  8. No need for the heater inside the car! Simply amazing! Stunning, Fabulous ensemble of matching lingerie, and stocking on your delectable body. Long time since I saw somebody in their "Sunday Best" Were you going to Sunday Matins? The vicar would have fainted had yo arrive at church like that. Word would have got round and the congregation would have grown in an instant! Thank you for posing and for posting. NylonBil
  9. Quite Right PV - Well said. After all Pavlovs Dogs don't wear them!!
  10. Over or under? It depends upon what the lady wants to do whilst wearing?? Of course if not on TV then go Commando!! Sadly, Madison Beer only has a 4 strap suspender belt. Get a good six or ten strapper and it may be worth watching.