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    Stockings, fully fashioned
    Foundation Garments, girdles, suspenders and corselettes
    Cross dressing
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    FF Plain Welts, RHT, Gio, Aristoc

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  1. Green

    Superb dress and poses to illustrate perfectly the art of dressing for flying! I am not sure of what type of aeroplane you will be flying but here is some advice. In the centre you will find a large upright stick! Take it firmly in one hand, but only move it is small gentle movements. Do not yank it about, you will lose control of the aeroplane, and crash in an awful mess! Great photos and poses, thank you Sandy for posting. NylonBil
  2. Off to Bed

    Hello Lynn, Viewing this dectable picture, it is not difficult to understand why STOCKINGS came first. You look astonishingly inviting as you ascend the stairs in your FFN's with such lovely taut suspenders and pointed heels with seams. A beautiful matching bra and a delightful thong that vanishes between your heavenly bottom. Sheer Perfection in beauty and sensuality. If my world were perfect, then I would be the one following you up the stairs. I can but dream! Thank you for dressing so elegantly and posing in such a luscious thought provoking scenario. Also for posting all of oyur wonderful photos for your followers on SHQ. Thank you! XX
  3. Holiday Pantyhose

    You are most welcome Lynn. Thank you for all your luscious photos and postings. William XX
  4. Holiday Pantyhose

    More perfection in sheer tights. Looking so sensual in your leopard skin lingerie and tights. Simply Gorgeous as always. Thank you for posing and posting. NylonBil XX
  5. More Posing in Pantyhose

    I am a "stockings man" but, when I see you in sheer tights with your gorgeous legs and sensual curves, the hint of naughtiness as you remove your bra, makes this photo so erotic and charged, anf I become a fan of tights. I delighted in seeing your photos of tights over and under stockings, and now just tights alone. So which do I like the most, it has to be tignts alone then tights over stockings and suspenders, and third is stockings over tights. Please keep up the "goog work" your photos keep this mans pulse rate in good order! Thank you for your lovely dress sense, and potrayal of a gorgeous lady, dressed as a lady should in elegant hosiery on your fabulous legs. William XX
  6. Black Stockings

    Simply gorgeous, and then there are your beautiful lingerie and stockings. Thank you for your lovely dress, posing nad posting. Superb! xx
  7. Green

    A fabulous photo of Fabulous Katie, Amazing legs and Sheer nylons as always, vertiginous heels and a gorgeous dress. It can only be Ketiesheer! Colour of the lingerie, not important, it will always be most feminine, Katie is always feminine. Simply glorious, thank you for posing Katie. Oh and the background, curious, will Count Dracula suddenly appear from out of the fog! Arrrgh! Great posing and thank you for the photograph and posting. NylonBil X
  8. warm here

    Oh my Gill. A dress (or is it undress?) for every occasion, and perfectly presented. Love the shoes, simply blooming pretty! XX
  9. Uniform 999

    Wonderful photo of Stunning Nurse Gill. I would love to be treated by you, with whatever you keep in your Bottom Drawer! Of course I would be very patient! LOL You could take hours giving my treatment?? XX
  10. Wedding Belles

    Hello Shereones, I am in the same situation as you, we have no photos of my wife's wedding dress being lifted to show her nylons, like you it was a long time ago May 1972. We have had a wonderful 46 years together, and I hope we many more years together and I trust that you can say the same. NylonBil.
  11. Fascinating Fastening

    Allison, I can edit the photo for you, and return minus the nipples. Please post it to me on my email address. William XXX