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    Stockings, fully fashioned
    Foundation Garments, girdles, suspenders and corselettes
    Cross dressing
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    FF Plain Welts, RHT, Gio, Aristoc

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  1. Clearly you have got to the bottom of what is so attractive at Frensham ponds. Thank you for travelling so far to meet, and posing, the view is superb. Such gorgeous scenery, and the trees are quite good. Fabulous legs, lingerie and stocking, all in Stereo!!
  2. Fur and seams !

    An amazing set of photos Mr Katiesheer taken at this time of year judging by the snowdrops! Stunning dress sense and poses by your most beautiful Katie, hope it was not too cold? Gloucestershire is lovely but it has never looked this good when I have visited, but then Katie was not around! Your dress is a perfect fit, it touches your gorgeous self i all places Mmmmm! Then there are your luscious poses from demure to superbly sensual. Thank you Katie for dressing in such style and posing with thought and imagination, Thank you A for taking such brilliant photos, and to your both for posting on the forum. NylonBil
  3. My favourite lady showing the most gorgeous legs around! Love the Gios and your stunning legline with an amazing ankle and foot. Simply the very very best! Perfect!! Thank you G for posing and to G for posting. NylonBill XXX
  4. A Fallen Angel

    WOW! Fallen Angel? I think not for you look heavenly to me! Would love to "Wing" over to see such a Delightful sight from Heaven. Gorgeous lingeriie, fabulous legs and stockings, perfect and such lovely Costume Play. Thank you for a superb photoset, your posing an posting is much appreciated. NylonBil
  5. I do not find supermarkets to be Super in anyway, just boring shops on a large scale! But this is different, the view here is very Super! Never happens like this when I go shopping. So thank you for such a glorious photo of a superb view, you are bold and brave to dress and pose like this is public. Very refreshing and beautiful looking view, such gorgeous legs that tease in a most delightful manner. Thank you for posing and posting. NylonBil
  6. A beautiful view inside the sentry box! Your uniform is perfect, looks like you may have been given the order to "Fall Out" Or was it "Present Arm"? Either way Totty, you look stunning as always. Thank you for posiing and posting. NylonBil
  7. I am sure that the pleasure is all ours for all your viewers and supporters. You only reap, that which you sow and deserve. You happen to sow lovely imaginative photos that inspire complimentary comments. Thank you for a wonderful series of photos, i am looking forward to further pictures please. Think it may need to warm up somewhat before you venture outside again for more posing and picture taking. NylonBil
  8. Good to see you relaxing after resolving your car problems. Certainly nothing wrong with your suspension, So was the problem with the engine or the gears? Since you look very well heeled you do need a mechanic. Obviously you were right the first time!
  9. Thank you for confirming your suspension is good. If your suspension needs adjusting I could always oblige!
  10. WOW! It looks like you may have finally solved the suspension problem Now your car may work properly? The six strap belt had put all the suspension problems right! Smooth stocking, taut suspenders, gorgeous legs and heels. All looks in perfect working order. Thank you for posing and posting, a superb set of photos.