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  1. hmmm

    thinking of leaving the forum is getting out of hand and needs controlling big time
  2. hmmm

    its getting silly some of the posts that have been put on here and allowed is crazy its getting out of hand time admin took control
  3. hi all

    many thanks for replies
  4. hi all

    hi all , been asked a request a friend of mine has found some tights but is unsure who the stockist is, im unable to help as they pretty different any ideas would be most welcome thanks xx
  5. Reflections

    could you do a relections 2 in tights please xx
  6. Reflections

    well thats made my friday thank you xxx
  7. have you noticed the price of tights for woman but if you look at price of mens tights its through the roof equality its the same material shouldnt it be same price i will stick to buying womans tights at the right price xx

    1. trophyintights


      Me too just bought some very nice John Lewis tights for 5 quid

  8. My wife #2

    stunning totally