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  1. Carole Middleton

    Hate, hate, hate......maybe your view, to which you are perfectly entitled but many very attractive ladies in my circle of friends of all ages and who also happen to be very fashion conscious wear these tights. They enhance a shapely pair of legs very well. If you are not careful I'll also go full heretic and say they also look good in skinny jeans..
  2. Carole Middleton

    lol....the hosiery stasi are back in town
  3. I am sure they are tights but, hells bells, Carole Middleton might be 60 but she can still turn heads with her fashion choice. All black and the quintessence of sexy elegance
  4. A few of the gents of a certain age might recall the glamour magazines Spick and Span, very popular in the late 50s and early 60s. Almost all the pics were ladies in stockings but, of course, that just reflected what all women wore at the time. I have just added an album devoted to Adrienne Houston in some delightful poses. Hope you enjoy