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  1. Hi all, For several years now, I've been a member of a local gym/health spa. The ladies locker room is a big communal area with a common shower. I've never had any problems changing in and out of my stockings in plain view of the other women. Yes, I've had a few dirty looks and comments over the years, but since I am good friends with the owners, they tend to look out for me. Well, last week, I was at the gym doing my work-out. There were three young girls, about 19 or 20, wearing their tight little leotard outfits, giving everyone attitude. They weren't doing much besides walking around and strutting their stuff. When I was done, I went back to the locker room. The three girls were there. After I took my shower, I noticed the three standing in front of the big mirror, giggling loudly while brushing their hair, wearing nothing but their tiny G-strings. Well I quickly towelled off, put on my stockings and garter belt and my shoes, grabbed my brush and eyeliner and walked around the row of lockers to the mirror. I said "excuse me", and squeezed in to get a share of the mirror. I tried my best not to laugh and remain nonchalant as all three girls clammed up and stood there, staring at me with their mouths agape. I think one of them said "whoa". After a long ten seconds all three went back to their lockers while silently laughing and snickering. I stood there at there mirror for a few minutes, brushing my hair and fixing my eyeliner. I then walked around the row of lockers the other way to purposely walk past the three girls. I sat there for a few minutes checking my phone, while they quickly got dressed and left...silently laughing and snickering all the while. In my head, I was laughing a lot harder then they were. Kisses, Sharon