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    Sports, virtually all of them although I do have my favourites and one of them is not necessarily football. Stockings and suspenders naturally, do like holdups and tights too especially if they're sheer. Love music and reading too. Going out for meals and partial to a drop of real ale too. Love taking my fabulous, wonderful and gorgeous wife away for holidays and breaks too.
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    All seams whatever the colour though do enjoy black! Sheer RHTs and plains too. Tights have to be sheer.

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  1. Oh we have to wait until next year to see those sensational stocking-clad legs again? No fair! Still you've left us with magical memories of why we adore you so much. Cheeky, flirty, teasing pictures showing what a sensational pair of legs you have and so beautifully adorned with lovely stockings. So wonderfully well suspendered too and killer shiny heels to complete, enhance and compliment your fabulous flirty ways too. What a great example of femininity you are and someone that understands SHQ so well. Have a Stockingtastic Christmas full of all you desire Seamsweet. KtF J
  2. ……………………….…………….. lurks a delicious delight that presents us with a great opportunity to unwrap sheer joy. It's just so fabulous to see your fantastic legs in gorgeous stockings filling us with joy. KtF J
  3. I think he'll be happy to slip you something that will mutually benefit you both! He'd be a lucky Santa to get this close to your fabulousness Seamsweet. You always manage such sexy, teasing and flirty posts and you do have sensational legs that look awesome adorned in stockings and suspenders. Hoping you have a tension-filled Christmas, LOL! KtF J
  4. Happy Birthday Violet you wonderful spinner of vivacious vivid visions! I hope you are well and have a truly mesmeric, richly deserving stockingtastic one!


    1. violet


      Thank you very much, Jeff.  I'm OK. I'll do my best to have a great day!  xx

  5. Stockings Hq Forum Terms And Conditons

    Not sure why you have addressed that to me? I have no problems with mrs t and have only had pleasant and enjoyable interaction with her on SHQ. KtF J
  6. I don't like the legs, I love and adore them! Especially adorned in such sensational RHT nylons that you look awesomely sexy and teasing in. What a fabulous skirt that is too to show them off in and it gives us a wonderful vision of your cute and peachy derriere too. You really do know how o tease and please mrs t and these festive frolics of yours are worth celebrating at any time of the year. Can I just say that from what we can see you have a house that is almost as beautiful as you too! KtF J
  7. WOW, some of us caught the photo with your beautiful face in too, that was awesome! Not that these two aren't either. You really are a very sexy, seductive and alluring Lady mrs t and you bring us such wonderful teasing and flirty photos every time. Loving the outfit as it's sophisticatedly elegant and classy as well as superbly accessorised by those gorgeously stunning stockings on your sensational legs. Very provocative poses too and so exciting to see your RHT's all the way up your legs and flashing those glorious stocking tops too. Definitely a decoration worth hanging. KtF J
  8. Thank you for sharing BUT thank your gorgeous GF even more for allowing you too. Clearly these sensationally sexy selfies were taken to entice and tease you and remind you of what you were missing. That we get to see them too is fantastic. The beautiful black lingerie is very daring indeed for work and displayed in such a flirty seductive fashion. Superb legs of course and adorned with lovely stockings too. Such a wonderful thing to know a Young Lady is prepared to adorn in such a fabulous fashion doing every day things. Methinks she's a keeper! KtF J
  9. Seamless

    We don't and I think we may have lost the Lovely Lynn forever. She posted an image, which I never saw, in O & S showing her bare derriere and someone objected and was quite nasty to her. She's simply had enough of the harassment I believe, although I could be wrong, and the seemingly inconsistent way some members are treat. I therefore think she's withdrawn her pictures for the time being if not for ever and that's a crying shame. KaF J
  10. Oh Zoe you make a very sexy, seductive Santa that presents herself so beautifully with an excellent amount of tease and please. What a fantastic flirt you are and so playful with it too. You look temptingly terrific in that naughty little outfit and I'm sure your lucky, lucky husband really enjoys this time of the year seeing you like this. We certainly do and then some. You have a terrific attitude to this site and it's forums and long may that continue. Of course it helps too that you have such sensational legs and enjoy adorning them with such sheer quality stockings so wonderfully well suspendered too. You really are an excellent example of sensual femininity and a true credit to the site. KtF J
  11. Out and about

    It's always a sheer pleasure and a special thrill Young Hooked to see your delightful form out and about. You have astonishingly spectacular legs and a gorgeously beautiful way of adorning them. You keep it sexy and teasing and flirt so fabulously well on here for us. You have a great sense of style and elegance too as well as your obvious sensual sexuality. Those holdups are absolutely gorgeous and are teamed with a great pair of heels too bringing us such lovely views. Love that your normal every day things are the things we so admire and adore. KtF J
  12. Stockings Hq Forum Terms And Conditons

    I think the thing is that there are too many images being posted that in truth are quite softcore porn BUT are still pornographic and ADULT in nature with too much flesh on show which is bang against forum rules and guidelines. Some of these images in truth are reasonably tame BUT they are against these forums rules and guidelines and therefore should not be posted. Also just because one gets away with it doesn't mean others should follow. Be respectful to the reasons why the forums were set up and the spirit in which they are intended. If you really feel you want to post images against the rules/guidelines then go to Flickr or elsewhere. I promise you this is not me being a prude, policeman or a killjoy. I enjoy a bit of tasteful nudity and adult content like the next man BUT I just don't want to see it here where it was NEVER intended to be. The same goes for members commenting favourably on inappropriate images. I don't and they shouldn't, not if they truly adore this site. The Mods are not very good or quick to ban and warn and David is a busy man that doesn't always have time. In reality it's up to all of us to keep the forums in the manner they were intended. So members PLEASE do not post inappropriate and adult photos and other members PLEASE don't comment favourably on those inappropriate images. That is my Christmas wish for SHQ. KtF J
  13. Second post from France

    Oh-La-La some great French fancies on show here. Your wife is delicious and has all the right attributes and attitude to become a real regular SHQ favourite. What a sensational pair of legs you have Mrs El Grande and it seams to me you have a great appreciation of stockings and how they enhance and compliment them too. Beautiful suspenders too. Very sexy and teasing photos and I hope there's a third set to come and you keep on supplying us with such sheer joy. KtF J
  14. If any member is in the vicinity on Friday please answer this gorgeous Lady's call! She is exquisitely exciting and erotic and how daring of you Mrs SC to wear such a sexy, tight short skirt with black seamed stockings. A sheer joy to behold that's for sure and savour too. Anyone getting to spend some time in your company will surely be in for a night of sheer entertainment seeing those fantastic legs of yours so adorned. Then perhaps that lucky member or members could post a few words about the experience and SurreyCple may avail us of more spectacular photos. Please someone make this happen, Mrs SC is gorgeous and deserves to be admired. KtF J
  15. I think he'd rather it was unwrapped and open to be handled! You are so wonderfully sexy Seamsweet and here's another example of why as you tease us slowly with the slow release of what is already shaping up to be a teasing, pleasing, erotically flirty set. Love that you adorn all your stockings so naturally and beautifully well and suspend them so perfectly on your wondrous legs. A great pair of shiny heels to compliment them too. KtF J