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    Sports, virtually all of them although I do have my favourites and one of them is not necessarily football. Stockings and suspenders naturally, do like holdups and tights too especially if they're sheer. Love music and reading too. Going out for meals and partial to a drop of real ale too. Love taking my fabulous, wonderful and gorgeous wife away for holidays and breaks too.
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    All seams whatever the colour though do enjoy black! Sheer RHTs and plains too. Tights have to be sheer.

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  1. Chinon France

    Oh-la-la young Jules you look tres bon! What an amazingly sexy, beautiful and teasing Lady you are. Such a fabulously flirty photo that exudes all that is great about SHQ. Even with the gorgeous stocking flash the picture would have been amazing as your outfit is the epitome of elegance which is what we come to expect from such a wonderful exponent of feminine glamour. But ultimately you did choose to flash and I for one am so pleased you did as you have wondrous legs that look awesome adorned in such sensational stockings with superb proper suspenders too. So much sheer joy to enjoy. KtF J
  2. Xmas decorations

    I think you made a great decision to let your sexy teasing wife put the deccys back as it's given us a sheer heavenly view of gorgeous legs adorned in lovely stockings. Very daring and flirty too and definitely a lovely piece of appropriate ladder holding. KtF J
  3. What Hath God Wrought?

    KtF J
  4. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    and proper suspenders
  5. World Cup '18

    All these posts and no mention of VAR? What's the feelings on that? Personally I think it's made more good decisions than bad ones and we've certainly had more justifiable penalties awarded than not. Mind you how Wor Harry didn't get at least one I've no idea! Of the teams I think Mexico and Russia in these admittedly very early days have been great but just have the feeling that after Germany enacted their version of The Great Escape and Brazil sneaked a late win, the big boys are starting to roll. France haven't been impressive but have two wins and I think Argentina will also get through now. Top boys for me so far though have to be Belgium and Croatia who both look as though they finally may fulfill some of that always promised potential. All in all I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far and not a 0 - 0 in sight either. At this rate I might even begin to like football again! KtF J
  6. What Hath God Wrought?

    About bliddy time I say! Western world and 21st century should enable all to be given the opportunity to drive! KtF J
  7. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    rippling up skirt
  8. Photoshoots

    Oh believe me I have the equipment to make a photoshoot a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience ! KtF J
  9. Special night out

    The outfit looked wonderful spread out on the bed and very teasingly tempting too. It looks even better on your wonderful form and you adorn it all so beautifully well. You look very sexy and exciting indeed Gill and those magnificent black seamed stockings look awesome on your fabulous legs. Would love to pot a few balls with you. KtF J
  10. I think shereones has got it spot on and the stockings should be a nice light tan or nude colour to blend in with the sunshine too. Mind you I'd take whatever you decided to wear as I know it'll be spectacular and look fabulous on your great figure and lovely legs. Hope it's a great night out and we get to see the wonderful evidence. KtF J
  11. FIRE

    Whether from the front, back or even the side you always project yourself so perfectly Gill and are a wonderful sight to see as always. Your attitude to the fashion for which we have such passion is exemplary and you so know what works on here and prove it with every post. Gorgeous lingerie on your fabulous feminine curves and those sensationally sublime stockings look awesome adorned on your superb legs. The heels work too! KtF J
  12. Silky sweet ....

    I 100% and more agree with you lovely Lady and your slipping is very exciting indeed leading to fabulous teasing and pleasing. When you have such a fabulous feminine figure like yours with such outstanding assets they deserve to have something exhilaratingly erotically exciting adorned upon them and I'm glad you agree and share your feelings and pictures of it all with us too. Superbly sublime stockings too of course adorned upon those lovely delightful legs of yours. How you present yourself Seamsweet and your attitude to adornment is simply picture perfect for this sight. KtF J
  13. Old, new, borrowed but not blue we adore Mrs S and what she does! Always lovely lingerie on her fine feminine curves and lovely stockings on a great pair of legs too. She is a very sexy teasing Lady that pushes the boundaries but always manages to stay just within the SHQ guidelines. KtF J