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    Most Sports to be honest and all sheer hosiery.
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    Gios/Eleganti and Cervins especially all seams and RHTS. Love Fiore tights too.

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  1. London City

    Oh my, Mrs Claire out and about in black seams, no wonder people think London's night-life is wonderful. I do so hope you found someone suitably respectful and appreciative to join you both. If you did he'd have had a sheer quality treat as I know from Flickr just how gorgeous Mrs Claire is and such a wonderful adorner too. KtF J
  2. A quality piece of adornment from a quality true Lady adorner. John you're a lucky guy but I know you know that and it's great that you do and show your appreciation and affection. Always a truly wonderful sight to see a Lady that looks so good in her seams and is also comfortable in adorning in public. She must be a real sight for sore eyes and so refreshing to see. KtF J
  3. Up that London

    Hope you had a successful day, looks like Mr Stortford certainly did. So cool and refreshing of you to adorn so beautifully out in public and give us such a gloriously gorgeous flirty flash. I'm sure that every time Mr Stortford got a bit edgy or bored you merely had to remind him what lay beneath. Very sexy and teasing. KtF J
  4. I'm a lucky guy...

    You are a very lucky lad and one that must have commanded a great deal of respect and admiration from her in your short time together. Not just because she's taken the hint and is adorning so fabulously for you but also that she's taken the photos, sent them to you to heighten your anticipation of your night out and also allowed you to post them. As someone has previously said, in SHQ terms, she's a keeper. She looks fabulous in her lingerie which is extremely sexy and gorgeously teasing. Let's hope there's a long relationship building between her, you and SHQ. KtF J
  5. Oh Joy of Joys, the sort of repeats that are definitely worth the licence fee. May take me a while and a few views to completely decide on my top three. But isn't fabulous to see a Lady like Mrs FC who is so comfortable in her fabulous array of stockings and doesn't mind showing it too? Delicious that we have such Ladies about that truly understand the role of stockings and suspenders in the realm of femininity and using that knowledge to prove what a great place SHQ can be and is. KtF J
  6. A very sexy killer pair of heels showing a real feminine touch and feel. But, what is awesome are those astonishing long shapely legs of her which look wonderful adorned in such sheer magic. She certainly seams like a Lady that has a lot to offer here. KtF J
  7. Why is it that I enjoy the second one more than the first? Now, if that doesn't bring me hoots of derision and copious abuse nothing will. Just seams to me that Mrs Stevieboy can be a really top class adorner and show SHQ at times in the light it needs to be seen and not in the light that some would like it to take. Always good to know though that a Lady enjoys adorning and sharing and has plenty goodness to share too. KtF J
  8. Now that is sexy and very teasing too. So great to see another new Lady member that adorns great sexy black lingerie and stockings. You look wonderful young Lady and so nice to have you here sharing your wares with us. KtF J
  9. Night out

    Awesome to see you posting a link to your magical Flickr link on here JC, so good to know you still have a place in your heart for SHQ. You have always been a sheer quality adorner and once again you prove it with such a gorgeous dress accessorised by those truly gorgeous black seams. Another great addition to these forums and so in keeping with the guidelines and spirit laid down that so many ignore these days. Always fabulous to see your sexy, teasing ways and your friends were very lucky to have your sheer sparkling personality amongst them on your night out. KtF J
  10. Words

  11. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    in the batmobile
  12. A little Xmas update

    Hello Kelly, well hello Kelly It's so nice to have you back where you belong You're looking swell, Kelly, we can tell, Kelly You're still glowing, you're still crowing, you're still going strong! What a gorgeously sexy and fabulous Santa you make Kelly, would love to see you coming down my chimney. Your figure looks wonderful in that sexy little suit and those legs of yours look as wondrous as ever. Absolutely gorgeous stockings adorned on them too and a superb suspender belt giving a festive flirty, sexy, teasing sight to enjoy and see. KtF J
  13. Time to go

    Well said sir and couldn't have put it better myself. You sir are a true inspiration to many on here and long may you continue to be so. KtF J
  14. Time to go

    It goes without saying that I am devastated to see you go Anna as I would be any member of your ilk that feels enough is enough and leaves for the reasons that you are. It is wrong, it is awful and it is a sad, sad, sad day and indictment of the forums/site that gorgeous Ladies like you feel they must leave for the reasons you have stated. You always, always posted images that were sheer quality Anna, had such a wondrous pair of legs that you adorned so spectacularly and with such a magnificent array of quality too. Your fabulously fantastic figure shone and shimmered in the most gloriously gorgeous lingerie combinations that you adorned too which showed your elegance, style, sophistication and charismatic class so well. The one good thing I know is that for your stockings and lingerie are an essential part of your life diet and not just something to be adorned for photos and sharing here. That is comforting to know as it is that whilst we may never get the benefit again of it here, those that come across you in their lives will and will see what an amazing example of femininity you are. So sad to see you go but in truth not surprised. This should be a fun place for people to land and it should be about one thing and one thing only but sadly it no longer is. As I'm not a woman/Lady nor ever an Adorner, I can stay and continue on being how I am and true to the cause. I sadly can do no more but posts like yours Anna whilst I totally understand and accept your reasons for it, do drive daggers through the heart. Go safely my cyber friend, go well but above all else go in the style and decorum that your wonderful personality and person deserves. KtF J
  15. Happy Birthday to a Gorgeous Young Lady who we need to see return to these pages.


    1. Robbies


      Happy Birthday Eloise.