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  1. So totally wicked and tantalisingly teasing too. Marvellous flirty flash and sexy glimpse of sheer heaven too. Gorgeous stockings, a hint of lovely suspenders and definitely a picture that makes me wish I was your handyman. KtF J
  2. I would imagine quite a few's favourites as well and so beautifully framed and presented. Always a sheer delight to see black suspenders holding up such sheer seamed magic especially adorned upon great legs. Just be ever-so slightly careful of the site's rules and guidelines and I'm sure you'll pick up many a well deserved and favoured comment. As I said in my previous comment to your opening post, Mrs PH, you have all the attributes and attitude to be a firm favourite on these pages. KtF J
  3. Wow, what a great debut from a Lady that seams to show so much potential. Mrs PH it's always a sheer delight to welcome a new lovely Lady in to our community and even better when she's supported by a respectful and appreciating partner/husband. You certainly seam to have all the attributes to be a firm favourite here. Welcome BOTH to the forums, the wacky world of posting and our ickle place to share the passion for out favourite fashion. I hope you BOTH have fun here, enjoy it to your satisfaction and don't take it too seriously. KtF J
  4. My, and I hope your, very best wishes go out to a true legend of the stocking glamour world, Nikki Nylons. My hopes are that this gorgeous Lady has a day where she seams to get all she desires and deserves. A truly wondrous example of an Adornment superstar, have a Stockingtastic Day Nikki. KtF J
  5. moments
  6. No idea but we haven't seen them around dem dese parts for a while. Which was a shame as Jan was and no doubt still is gorgeous and Kev always caught in in the right light. KtF J
  7. Welcome to you both The WelshNylons. I hope you crack the posting code and we get to see some sheer delightful images of a couple that seam to already understand what these forums and site is all about. I sincerely hope you have fun and enjoy it here. We are, for the most part a friendly and encouraging community that share a passion for a certain fashion. Time will tell whether you subscribe to being part of that but I hope you do and my advice is do what you do for you and ride with the wave like only you can. KtF J
  8. The Gurls all seam to love them! KtF J
  9. Creams
  10. it certainly is
  11. Certainly seams like you BOTH had a fabulous time and it's good to know that you enjoyed doing what you did Lady Jane. One wonders how many conversations in the bar you were the talk of and then later when peeps got home I would imagine you were still in their thoughts. If I'd seen your sensational self in that dress and those gorgeous stockings with killer heels I think I'd be going back to that bar every day, just in case. It really is so refreshing and honest to see a Lady that is prepared to go the extra mile to display her artful and artistically awesome assets in such a way. KtF J
  12. Now that is a spanking rear view and shows what a perfectly cute derriere you have too Lady Jane. Seams to me that your wondrous stockings and fantastic suspenders frame the sexy scene so well too. I'd have happily followed you to where ever you wanted to take me. And tinkle away young Lady as we all dance to your tune. KtF J
  13. Lady Jane you're not the only one enjoying yourself, we are too drinking in your sensuality and seductive show. So sexy and teasing and what a wonderful treat for anyone that got to see it live. Just such fabulous legs in gorgeous stockings and the length of that tight dress is just so daring too. KtF J
  14. I'm not surprised the staff were friendly! If I'd been behind the bar I'd have been happy to bring Lady Jane's drinks across to her all day so I could enjoy watching her sitting in the comfy chairs. What a beautiful Lady you are Jane with such a gorgeously engaging smile on that lovely face. Legs to die for and adorned by the most exquisite and sheer magical stockings too. It really does seam as if you're enjoying your afternoon out knowing we're all going to enjoy your company too. A dream of a Lady you are and the sort of vision we pray about seeing as we walk in to a bar. KtF J