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    Sports, virtually all of them although I do have my favourites and one of them is not necessarily football. Stockings and suspenders naturally, do like holdups and tights too especially if they're sheer. Love music and reading too. Going out for meals and partial to a drop of real ale too. Love taking my fabulous, wonderful and gorgeous wife away for holidays and breaks too.
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    All seams whatever the colour though do enjoy black! Sheer RHTs and plains too. Tights have to be sheer.

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  1. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    adorning presents beautifully
  2. Stockings - Hands and Knees

    Ahhh, was hoping for something special for my 7,500th post! Thank you Lovely Lynn for coming along once again and providing the sheer quality you do for me to attain my hope. Stunningly sensational pose and incredibly erotically sexy too. You look ready for action and judging by the smile across your beautiful face, you were! Certainly the outfit is a very enticingly inviting one and shows your ability to tease and please is right up there with the best of them. Glorious lingerie on your fabulous figure and stunningly sublime black RHT stockings on your awesomely wondrous legs. KtF J
  3. Stockings Anne is a fake account

    1,000,000% agree and now look what one idiotic "member" and any of his supporting voices have done. Not just losing the gorgeous Mrs Stort from this site but the incredibly sexy and teasingly beautiful Stocking Totty. A very, very, very sad day for the site when things like this happen. Yes, the forums and site will continue but there'll always be at least two, or should I say two more, empty spaces to fill. KtF J
  4. WOW Lovely Lynn, you'd really go out dressed like that?!?! Good on you if you did shows how confident and comfortable you are expressing yourself as a sexy, teasing gorgeous Lady with awesome assets to show off. Loving the top as it is so revealingly ravishing and of course that leather mini-skirt is a breathtakingly brilliant sight to savour. Especially as it shows off those magnificently wondrous legs of yours so excitingly adorned in sheer quality black tights. I adore your posts Lynn whether they are stockings or tights you know exactly who to please us with your fantastic sense of flirt. KaF J
  5. Feet in nylon

    Once again Alex I bow to your ability to have the Ladies of the site bring such sheer magic to your attention and then allow you to post it for our delight and delectation! Teri is one of my huge favourites on here and Flickr and does have fabulous legs which she ALWAYS adorns in such sheer quality stockings. Always a sheer treat and joy to see her legs on here and another wonderful contribution to this amazing thread. KtF J
  6. Feet in nylon

    Not just for Alex, but for us too I hope?!?! What a sensational Lady and what a superbly awesome pair of legs she has too albnyl. So sexily and teasingly presented in such wonderful stockings too. Another marvellous contribution to this exciting and worthwhile thread. KtF J
  7. Wolves races 17th nov

    I think they may well get their best attendance of the year with gorgeous fillies like this exercising their lovely legs! KtF J
  8. Watch out Manchester

    Nothing as I think she's already given you it with this outstandingly sexy outfit and fantastic piece of teasing. How glorious does she look packed so well in to that glorious black lingerie with superb suspenders. The suspenders holding a stunning pair of stockings to her sensational legs in a very provocative and pleasing pose. She looks so amazing and to know she was out and about adorned in such awesome attire is truly a thrilling thought. KtF J
  9. Trying On A New Blouse

    Goodness Sue you are a very risky flasher and bring such deliciously daring images to our attention. The way you present yourself leads me to think you want to get seen and if so good on you for being so confident. You do have great legs and the stockings adorned upon them are fabulous. KtF J
  10. Thanks are not required, the beautiful photos are thanks enough. This is a Lady that clearly understands the power and pleasure stockings and lingerie can bring and is demonstrating it perfectly. Devastatingly sexy and teasing and just so glorious to see. What a sheer sensation Mrs A is. KtF J
  11. When they are presented as provocatively perfectly as this you'll get no arguments from me! What a sensational Lady Mrs A is and how alluring and seductive she looks in these superbly sexy photos. What a fabulous figure she has and the gloriously gorgeous white lingerie shows that off beautifully. Awesomely magnificent legs too which look extra amazing adorned by such sheer quality stockings. A very sexy, flirty and teasing set of photos that please us all very much. KtF J
  12. Are these ok

    I think you've got your answer in abundance Oz and replies that you deserve for such a wonderful set of photos. You look absolutely gorgeous and combine it with red-hot sexy teasing too. Your fabulous femininity comes out so well in that beautiful dress and your sense of fun and enjoyment can also be seen bu your dazzlingly delicious smile. Simply sublimely superb stockings on your wondrous legs are a sheer joy to behold and so beautifully suspendered too. You really do know what works on here and it's amazing to see the awesome sights you're presenting for us to savour. KtF J
  13. shopping trip for toys

    Nice sexy outfit to go shopping in. Sometimes us guys need a bit of enticing to go shopping and knowing our partners are adorned like that would certainly help. Very teasing and flirty. KtF J