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  1. What an absolutely sexy, teasing pleasing sensation of a Lady you are. Your presence here is so heart-warming and gratifying to see. You have embraced the site and forums with such grace, style and fabulous attitude. Of course it helps when you have such a fantastic figure and a way of presenting your awesome assets too. Those wondrously amazing legs of yours are superb especially when shown off in such sheer quality black stockings. Another sensationally gorgeous image. KtF J
  2. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    somewhere it's 5:00pm
  3. More Holiday

    Very shiny and showy Kate. Lovely piece of dress too! KtF J
  4. Back from holiday.

    Wow, I might have to get a job in airport security! KtF J
  5. wife ready for work

    Nice glossy tights and killer heels. A dangle from Mrs F would certainly be a sheer thrill in this combo. KaF J
  6. When you have legs as good as this and such a cute derriere too and work are comfortable with you dressing so provocatively then, why not? Love the tan tights and skirt length and great to see it all combined so sexily. KaF J
  7. Another very flirty and sexily teasing photo of a Lady that clearly enjoys showing herself off and reaping the attention. Nothing wrong with that of course especially when the legs are as nice as they are and the Cervin holdups are such fabulous sheer quality. KtF J
  8. Wow Mrs F you certainly live up to your sexy forum name and then some! Quite what the strangers in the bar think of you I do not know but I can say what I think and that is you're very flirt, teasing and it's a sheer thrill to see your legs in such sheer quality black tights. KaF J
  9. Is her skirt too short for work?

    Already made my feelings clear on your other short skirt thread so again if you've got it flaunt it especially if you're comfortable with it and enjoy doing it. We certainly enjoy seeing it and your sheer black tights look fabulous on your excellent legs. KaF J
  10. is her skirt too short for work

    For me it would only be too short if she was uncomfortable wearing it and showing so much of her lovely legs or if it was against work policy. If neither of those are applicable then definitely not and long may she continue to show off her lovely legs in her vast and sexy array of hosiery. KaF J
  11. Another bar flirting outfit

    Not surprised it's a favourite. Fabulously sexy and teasing dress showing your fine figure. Sensational sheer black tights on such an excellent pair of legs too and heels to finish off a lovely scene. KaF J