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    Sports, virtually all of them although I do have my favourites and one of them is not necessarily football. Stockings and suspenders naturally, do like holdups and tights too especially if they're sheer. Love music and reading too. Going out for meals and partial to a drop of real ale too. Love taking my fabulous, wonderful and gorgeous wife away for holidays and breaks too.
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    All seams whatever the colour though do enjoy black! Sheer RHTs and plains too. Tights have to be sheer.

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  1. Anklets 😍

    Very nice sexy pic of a Lady that always graces these forums with her stocking-clad presence. Gorgeous heels to add to the allurement and sheer magical stockings showing off great legs and very pretty anklets. KtF J
  2. Anklets 😍

    Mmmm Lipstix, those are two outstanding ways to show off your beautiful anklet. Very sexy and teasing and enormously pleasing too. You have a sensational pair of legs and the way you have adorned them with such sheer quality wonderful seamed stockings is awesome. Loving that you use proper suspenders to show them off too. KtF J
  3. Anklets 😍

    The North East's finest doing what she does so well as ever! Fabulous pictures, so sexy and alluring with that added erotic tease supplied not just by the lovely anklet but the subtle tattoo too. You really do have an exceptional pair of legs that I love to see especially considering your wonderful array of stockings and how you show them off. KtF J
  4. Anklets 😍

    Very sensual indeed and incredibly seductive too. Beautiful black seamed stockings too on exceptionally lovely legs. Gotta love it when a GF gives her all for her man! KtF J
  5. Anklets 😍

    I'll be happy with even more from you Young Hooked! That anklet is truly erotic and I love that it also compliments and enhances that naughty tattoo. You do have such a splendid pair of legs and it's always a sheer joy to see them adorned in stockings. Gorgeous pair of heels too showing what a teaser and pleaser you are. KtF J
  6. Anklets 😍

    Now Mrs Zippy that's very erotic indeed and a fabulous accessory for you to flash so flirty at us. Love the heels too and the fact that you are so naturally adorned in gorgeous black seams too. KtF J
  7. Anklets 😍

    Now that is a gorgeously sexy and teasing view of a leg that looks amazing in black stockings and I'm loving the proper suspenders too. Great heels showing off your stocking detail fabulously too. KtF J
  8. Anklets 😍

    Nice one Liz, very distinct and sexy and what seem like lovely black stockings which I'd love to see more of. KtF J
  9. Anklets 😍

    Well done gorgeous Leksi on adding two sheer quality contributions to this great thread. Wow, you have wondrous legs and it's so amazing to see you flashing them off at us adorned in such glorious seamed stockings. Would love to see more of the red seams! The anklet just adds to the flirt and shows what a teaser you are. KtF J
  10. Anklets 😍

    I totally agree with you Ylle and especially the way you're showing it off in this terrific photo. You really have a fabulous pair of legs and to see them adorned by such sheer quality stockings superbly suspendered is awesome. Nice angle too as it's obvious your sans panties but not showing what we shouldn't see here! KtF J
  11. Anklets 😍

    Nice one mrsminxy, very sexy and alluring. What a sensational pair of legs you have and they are beautifully adorned too. Great heels to compliment it all and a very teasing flash of tops too. Lovely! KtF J
  12. Lady Seaton Lunch 13.8.18

    Lady Seaton is a dedicated and comfortable adorner that shows off her style in a teasing way. You are both lovely people and we would hate to see you go. We don't have enough Ladies willing to wear and share on here without losing another one. KtF J
  13. The thanXXX is all due to you mrs t. Fabulous detail, incredible heels and a very sexy view of superb RHTs. KtF J
  14. Kitchen Stockings

    Mmmm Mrs PJ I think you decorate your kitchen in a very sexy and teasing way and have shown such sheer quality whilst doing it. I hope you were the Forewoman and the way you're adorned was meant to spur the workforce on?! What a superb pair of legs you have and it's great to see them covered in sheer black magic to show them off so well. KtF J
  15. Karen

    It's a shame that the gorgeous Karen doesn't want to chat on here especially as she allows you to post such exciting boundary pushing images on here. It's clear to see from these images that she is a very sexy and teasing Lady with a terrific pair of legs which look awesome in those sensational contrast seams. It's also though clear from these images that she loves her retro lingerie too which is fantastic to know and see. However, I think there's enough of a hint to also enable us to appreciate that Karen enjoys the more erotic and kinky fetish side of her life and good for her. KtF J