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    Work regularly takes me to live in foreign countries, but I continue to pop back from time to time to see what is going on.
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  1. Another E W-B added to the ignore list.  It makes the forum an almost bearable place when you ignore anything said by the obnoxious Sir Postalot

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    2. previousbannedmember


      As I've already said, weenie, you and your 'friend' are quite welcome.

    3. stockingsadmirer68



      “Here's another one for you, funnyboy.

      No sordid insults, just the truth and I hope it serves as a warning to other members.”


      Ohhhhh warning ‘other members’ now are you? :58674c057baa4_EmojiSmiley-69: :58674cf24b322_EmojiObjects-43:🔚 

      How brave of you behind your keyboard!!  :58674c0b2fcbf_EmojiSmiley-79: :58674bdeceb55_EmojiSmiley-03::58674beb3e9c9_EmojiSmiley-23::58674bdeceb55_EmojiSmiley-03:

    4. Alteredbhoy


      Blocking E W-B's profiles is becoming boring.