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  1. Dinner party

    Good Lord rowlf. I listed five people, one of whom is the greatest football manager there has ever been, another the founder of mathematics as a science and the third probably the second greatest musician of all time (after Mozart), but the only one you knew about was a fourth person who happened to be American. You are very parochial.
  2. Dinner party

    Bill Shankly is probably the best football manager there has ever been. He took a team from the second tier of English football and made them the best in England, winning all the major national trophies and a European trophy. The success he created at Liverpool has lasted nearly 50 years, with the team that he handed over to his deputy and successor becoming the best in Europe. He transformed Liverpool by management and tactics rather than money. In the 28 seasons after Shankly took them up, Liverpool finished first or second in the league on 21 occasions. Only two clubs currently in the top flight have spent longer in the division, being Arsenal and Everton, both of whom have had seasons when they narrowly avoided relegation. Liverpool have not finished in the bottom half of the division since Shankly took over. He was a true leader, able to motivate people to be the best they could be.
  3. Dinner party

    Let me get this right rowlf. I choose five people, an American, a Welsh man, a Scotsman, a German and a Greek, from the fields of sport, politics, music and science (military and politics combine), from periods spanning several thousand years. You choose 5 Americans, including two past presidents. I would wager three of your guests knew each other as they were involved in the same fields of work, in the same place, at the same time. The discussion round your table will concern parochial US politics. The discussions around my table (in whatever language they happen to be) could be about anything. Yet you query the presence of one of my guests? I'm sorry that I didn't invite any white, Conservative Americans, with views from the second half of the 20th Century to my dinner table. But I've spent so long debating on these forums with you, that I wanted an alternative viewpoint. Go and sit with your lookalike buddies on your table and stop bitching about how none of you were invited to my party.
  4. Dinner party

    Bill Shankly, David Lloyd George, Sitting Bull, J. S. Bach and Pythagoras. I don't know whether there are any common languages.
  5. Bring Back The Jokes

    By the time of Brexit it will be known 30p.