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  1. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I read somewhere this morning, though I can't for the life of me remember where, that following the initial agreement in December last year, Theresa May persuaded the EU to accept there would be no further discussion about solutions to the Irish border until after the Tory Party conference. It was reported as being leaked by an EU official. If true, it shows Theresa Mayhem being even more cavalier with the national interest in order to favour her party than her incompetent predecessor.
  2. Important Question.

    As a statistician, I would suggest that you are probably travelling at higher speeds (I'll leave it to your conscience as to quite how much faster) along the straight than around the corners, as are the other vehicles. As a consequence, whilst the bendy bits of the road might account for say 20% of the distance, they could account for 40% of the time. So you would expect to meet twice as many vehicles on the bend as you might expect. Of course this phenomenon applies equally to the vehicles you meet too. All statistics quoted in this response are for illustrative purposes only (i.e. I made them up).
  3. Royal Wedding

    As I have stated on another thread, I saw a sighting. I have no idea who the woman was, but I doubt it was one of the Wessexes as she and her companion appeared to be of Asian origin. They say one in four of the World's population is Chinese and given the size of the Royal Family and associated hangers-on, I suppose in all probability at least one of them ought to be. But please don't tell the Duke of Edinburgh.
  4. Royal Wedding

    ps: you can see the clip on I-player. The BBC don't appear to bothered by it.
  5. Royal Wedding

    I often post caps of what I have seen on the television here. This morning, I turned the television onto the BBC News station just in time to catch a glimpse of stocking on a wedding guest. I have no idea who the guest was. She appeared to be with a man of a similar age who was taking her photograph. You have no idea of the identity of the person I saw, or whether it is the person you state is 14 years old. She could be the person to whom you are referring, but equally she could be someone else and in her thirties. But in your quest for moral superiority, you have called for my post to be deleted as "inappropriate". My post was a straightforward report of a sighting. I passed no comment on the wearer of the stockings. It was a totally asexual report of something seen on the BBC News at quarter past nine in the morning. I presume that you have made complaint to the BBC about their inappropriate coverage of the event? And have you considered contacting the Police, as the man was (in your mind) taking photographs of a 14 year old in her stockings? Or maybe, he was just taking a picture of his wife and in your rush to show your sanctimonious morality, you've leaped to the wrong conclusion and are suggesting censorship.
  6. Royal Wedding

    I'll get some later
  7. Just seen the news reports of this week's Royal Wedding from a blustery Windsor Castle. Gusts of wind lifted the skirt of a guest to reveal white lace tops.
  8. Definition of Socialism

    Normally when a person asks a question it is because they want to find an answer to something they don't already know or understand. When the person indicates that they already know the answer to the question they've asked, it suggests some sort of trap. But when that person only knows the answers to questions whose answer is that it is the fault of muslims, or immigrants, or most especially muslim immigrants who want to suck at the tit of Government, then you should be very wary. Of course the reason why UK public sector retirement ages are being pushed back could be firstly because it means that employees are contributing to their pension for longer and therefore greater amounts. Secondly, the pensioners will claim pensions for a shorter time and so draw less pension. And thirdly because there will be a short term drop in the number of workers needing training to replace the workers who are no longer retiring. Or then again it could just be the immigrants. You tell me.