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  1. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Oh dear Tudor. 8 out 10 voters remain unchanged does not mean that 80% do not want a change. If 20% of the votes in any poll change it puts the outcome miles from the status quo. You kneejerk response to name call anyone who disagrees with your view and accuse them of dishonesty and treachery suggests that you only support a democratic decision if it goes in your favour. It is perhaps of greater benefit to the UK that you remain an immigrant in America.
  2. 70 years and counting

    More rowlf Doublespeak. So rowlf thinks the Palestinians want to be exiled from their lands and barricaded into an overcrowded city with no natural resources. What can they do, other than what they are doing? You are very quick to blame the Palestinians for the choices they've made and criticise them for not making alternative choices, even though these were not available to them. You criticise me, Violet and Trinity for not offering a solution, when Violet did just that. Yet you offer no solution - just blame for the actions of people with no choices.
  3. 70 years and counting

    So you think we should have allowed Saddam Hussein to retain control of Kuwait after he seized it? Or Japan should have been allowed to keep the Philippines?
  4. 70 years and counting

    Rowlf, the Palestinians had farms and industries in towns from which they were forcibly removed. What little productive land they had was reduced by Israel's occupation of the West Bank following the Yom Kippur war. The Palestinians have been herded into Gaza, effectively a city state with no natural resources and Israel won't allow them out or allow goods in. There isn"t an economic or political solution to this that doesn't begin with Israel loosening its grip. The Palestinians have endured this for 70 years. You studiously avoid answering my questions about the New Mexico example and how you would react in their position. It's clear why.
  5. 70 years and counting

    I've just re-read your answer rowlf. If I understand you correctly, if the USA succumbed to Mexican partition, your response would be to have less sex? What's the point of your right to bear arms, if when faced with aggression you simply refuse to get bare? But I don't doubt that the sex starved citizens of New Mexico who become great through their abstinence.
  6. 70 years and counting

    What kind of meaningless gibberish is this? What part of how US citizens being corralled in New Mexico is answered by questioning Palestinian fecundity? I get your answer, rowlf. The Palestinian's current position is all their own fault, regardless of how they got to the present position. They're poor, therefore they're to blame and shouldn't look for assistance or sympathy. You're all heart.
  7. Enoch Powell

    Sorry, but you're busted. There was no need for me to reply as I am as opposed to radical Muslim preachers being allowed into this country to preach hatred of the West as I am to allowing Islamophobic Canadian politicians to preach their version of hatred. You however seem to think the refusal of the UK authorities to allow Laura Southern into the UK was inappropriate. You can squirm as much as you like, but the "disinfectant of sunshine" is already having an effect. I'm really not interested in your explanations. As far as I am concerned, I have got the unpleasant measure of you and I have no desire to converse with you further.
  8. 70 years and counting

    Go back to the scenario I put to you earlier and you chose not to answer. If the citizens of the USA were shepherded into New Mexico and Mexicans were given the rest of the USA, would you acknowledge the United Mexican States right to exist? Would you chose leaders who vowed to fight back against Mexico to recover your homeland? My guess is you'll find these questions easy enough to answer.
  9. 70 years and counting

    Oh for goodness sake rowlf, your ability to blame the poor for their own woes knows no bounds. The Palestinians were forced off their land and out of their towns to live in ghettos in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel took all the best land and resources. If the entire US nation was forced to live in New Mexico so that the rest of your country could be given to Mexicans, how would you react?
  10. Enoch Powell

    I'll tel you what Tudor. Rather than addressing the subject matter of this thread and Enoch Powell's renowned racism, why not accuse other members of deceit for disagreeing with you and raise spurious matters such as Cliff Richard and historic allegations. Your attempts to distract readers from the central allegation are transparent.
  11. Olja Beckovic is the Serbian equivalent of our Andrew Neill. There are lots of videos of her and she never fails ...