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    Nottingham UK
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    Likes: hosiery, underwear and heels; films (mostly horror); listening to and buying music (rock, punk, metal, old goth, soul, funk, roots reggae, blues, rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and a dash of country); retro & vintage gear; going to gigs; BETTIE PAGE, ELVIRA & DEBBIE HARRY; individuality; self expression; running/ jogging.

    Dislikes: spiders; fishnets; modern music; hairy legs in hosiery; thick opaque tights and the 21st century in general.

    I've had a major hosiery obsession for about 40 years and a nice pair of shapely smooth legs (male or female) clad in some nice glossy hosiery does it for me every time. I've done a bit of dressing up en femme over the years (see gallery pics) which I've found thoroughly enjoyable but hosiery is my main fetish/passion/kink and I will wear at home most days of the week.

    I'm here to indulge in my obsession and chat with a few likeminded people.
  • Favourite hosiery brand or style
    Cecilia De Rafael, Wolford, Aristoc, Platino, Eleganti, Pretty Polly, Gio, Cervin - but any quality glossy sheer shiny hosiery (stockings or tights) works for me.

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