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    I love stockings, hold ups and tights on both ladies and some guys, I do like to wear now and again myself and add in some spanking and I am a very happy person!
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    Sheer tan tights

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  1. sounds fabulous, one of my best was on a tube, lady in a red dress and black hose too, stood near me and i was seated i could clearly see her suspender straps and bumps and outline of stocking tops !
  2. I had sometime in Chester on Wednesday and as you do I found myself looking about for glimpses of lovely legs. I saw plenty of black opaque which I personally do like especially with a suitable short skirt. Saw one set of fab legs in the most sheer smooth black tights, a young lady probably 19 or so worn with small boots and a short pair of denim shorts. There was a fab lady who came out of a posh jewellers, staff I think nipped for a coffee, a long very floaty thin black dress showed plenty of lower sheer natural clad leg, as she returned to her shop her VPL was very visible but I am sure as she rushed by there was the slightest of hints the natural hose may have been hold ups not tights !