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    I love stockings, hold ups and tights on both ladies and some guys, I do like to wear now and again myself and add in some spanking and I am a very happy person!
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    Sheer tan tights

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  1. sounds delightful, stairs, skirts and stockings a combination just made to work
  2. How common is the tights fetish?

    sheer to the waist no undies is certainly the best look for tights
  3. very nice legs, tights and bottom, what a lucky husband getting to see, photograph and fondle such a delightful wife ....... thank you for sharing !
  4. How common is the tights fetish?

    no idea how common it is but i love sheer tights with ballet flats one of my fav things to see ... heals work too but they need to be classic heals not big clumpy ones and not a fan of seeing toes in shoes lol i wpild like to think as we often see ladies out in tights and ballet flats or nice courtshoes and heals that its a common like in the greater world then just sites like this ..... we would of course love to see some of your selection of tights and ballet flats that your new partner loves to,see you in if you were up for sharing!!!
  5. fabulous and worn the best way on thier own!!!!