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  1. Wow what an amazing stockings get together......

    Thank you so much for coming and joining in the fun... see ya soon
  2. Need a hat to get ahead

    Last thing from me on the hat's...honest Took this photo of Katiesheer a couple of years ago at Goodwood Revival, a really great event to see ladies dressed in a true classic style and looking great (with or without hats LOL), as petrol heads the event tics all the boxes for both of us, if you have never been put it on your bucket list
  3. Layering

    I like the look of layering in photos, particularly the combination of FFN's over Wolfords, the glossy look is one thing, the feel is something else, a few examples here from Katiesheer
  4. Need a hat to get ahead

    I to am a fan of a nice hat on a lady, here is Katiesheer getting ready for a day out
  5. Katies Easter Egg Hunt

    Don't encourage her, the draw of chocolate is strong with this one..