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    Gio FFN's with multi strap (10+) suspender belts.

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  1. Bonzo.
  2. Don't wear caps.
  3. Kermit.
  4. Or your rocker.
  5. You heard wrong!!!
  6. Family.
  7. I always do!!
  8. Strut.
  9. Madness.
  10. Not just yet.
  11. You could try
  12. Sake.
  13. If you go back three pages you will see a posting by Kev entitled "Lady Seaton in Harrogate" which does have some photographs of her sensational legs. For professional reasons we can't really show our faces on an open forum.
  14. I adore seamed stockings/suspenders/basques/high heels although I have never had the desire to wear them myself. When does adoration become a fetish and why does the word "fetish" immediately conjure up sexual connotations? Is this a media thing or the perception of others? To me there is nothing wrong with having a fetish (Lady S says I have about the above) as long as that person keeps the actions of that fetish to themselves or to other consenting parties. I think the "problem" of such actions becomes possibly "annoying" to others is when it is inflicted upon them which could be in varying degrees from mild to full on...this could also be applied to politics/religion/hobby and this would not be called a "fetish". As said previously the very word "fetish" conjures up sexual connotations.
  15. He's still there?