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    Cars,Hi-Fi,Photography,D.I.Y.,Electronics,Music and elegant,classy ladies who know how to dress especially if wearing "real" seamed stockings and heels.
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    Gio FFN's with multi strap (10+) suspender belts.

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  1. Get a grip!!!
  2. Tree.
  3. You're very welcome.
  4. Home.
  5. Do look sexy.
  6. Mate.
  7. Where's the chips??
  8. Milk.
  9. Schooner.
  10. Boobs.
  11. Depends on which.
  12. Mind.
  13. Gio's are better to the touch...smoother and silkier, also we have found the seams on Elegantis seem to be "wrinkled" when on as if they have been sewn with too much tension...a problem we have never had with Gio's...Lady S only wears Gio's now for that very reason. She also thinks that the sizing on Gio's is better.
  14. There's nothing better!!!