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    Cars,Hi-Fi,Photography,D.I.Y.,Electronics,Music and elegant,classy ladies who know how to dress especially if wearing "real" seamed stockings and heels.
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    Gio FFN's with multi strap (10+) suspender belts.

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  1. One of my favorite outfits

    It is the way they are manufactured....ffn's are woven flat and then sewn together and it is the seam that holds them together. None ffn's as in the case of tights are woven spirally and then the seam is added. If you unpick the ffn seam the stocking will come apart the non ffn will not. Real ffn's can be spotted quite easily by the 'tram lines' either side of the seam..this is were the stockings are held by claws when they are sewn together with the seam.