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  1. Sweet Home Alabammy

    I don't think Nigel Farage will get the blame for the defeat and I don't think Nigel Farage minds, if people blame him for the EU referendum result or if peopleblame him for Donald Trump becoming the American President. Nigel Farage's CV looks pretty impressive for a serial UK General Election loser.
  2. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    Perhaps, Trinity could climb a small mountain like Mount Cook wearing stilettos, without the aid of walking sticks, to discover if walking sticks are a unnecessary accessory for mountain climbers. Then, if successful New Zealand might have their own Dame Trinity to rival the Aussie Dame Edna Everage.
  3. Christine Keeler

  4. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    To be fair, if Sir Edmund Hillary had climbed Mount Everest wearing stilletoes, it would have been an even more awesome achievement. At school in England, we were told that Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest and the World heard the news on the same day Queen Elizabeth ll was crowned.
  5. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    A rule breaker or banned person might be able to help, regarding any confusion with your thought. But, I guess finding such a person is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I thought your new avatar was some kind of protest. However, you've missed the boat with your protest master plan, because a non female Aussie has already posted pictures on the false nails thread in the OT Forum. Edmund Hillary wouldn't have become Sir Edmund Hillary, if a Aussie trans person, wearing stockings and false nails had reached the top of Mount Everest before him. Perhaps the Original Poster could just delete all their profile information leaving a blank canvas, which could be filled in again in the future, if they change their mind and wish to start contributing again.
  6. Jerusalem

    I earn a crust from re-writing history. I guess you're not a member of the tree photographic conservation society, but you still need good quality tools to do the job correctly, without hurting oneself.
  7. Keith Chegwin

    He came across as a good guy. Never really watched any of the programs he was involved in. Sad news, he didn't look very old.
  8. Jerusalem

    Interesting logic, the Chinese might have also discovered America. Mind how you go, if you have bought a cheap Chinese chainsaw. A faulty cheap Chinese chainsaw could end very badly.
  9. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    It looks like the OP is throwing his/her toys out of the pram. The OP was wrong to start a thread posting his/her own pictures outside the male wearers forum. There is a difference between a trans person starting a thread, which they post their own pictures to a trans person posting their own pictures on a thread about a topic, which they didn't start. For example there was a thread in the main section started a few months ago about slips and a trans person posted their own pictures for demonstration purposes. There is a bit of a grey area in this example whether any rules were broken, but the pictures were posted in good faith by that trans person. The solution is simply and that is to rename the 'male wearers forum' to the 'male wearers and trans forum' then there will be no confusion about the correct place for non born females to post their own pictures.
  10. PICS and "LIKES"

    As a looker-on, I think there is more chance of both Elvis and Lord Lucan being found alive and living together after taking part in a same sex marriage ceremony than Boatman and Deepix being the same person. Also I don't think Blacknylon and Deepix are the same person, because Blacknylon specialised in stealing pictures of ladies, while Deepix specialised in taking his own pictures of trees. The like button feature seems to have disappeared at the same time the 'Alphabet' feature for members not uploading their own avatar image started. I guess if the 'Alphabet' avatar feature was reversed than the like button would reappear.
  11. Used Panties

    I am known as Lord Augustus now, Trinity. My Grandma would have been proud of my new title. I am still a man of the people and Augie is still fine.
  12. Jerusalem

    Perhaps my Grandma was a little confused after too many snowballs. She once told me there were palm trees in Scotland. Just done a little research and found an interesting read ........... New Zealand Could Have Been Part Of The United States